iPod Advertising For Unsigned Bands

iPod Advertising For Unsigned Bands

iPodAdvertising is a unique new marketing strategy for unsigned artists and bands to present their music to new audiences at low, low costs.

New York, NY: Where else does advertising cost just a single dollar? For $1, unsigned artists and bands can now promote their music to new audiences via iPodAdvertising, a new music marketing service.

“For a new artist, the hardest part of making music for a career is taking the initial step and building an audience base,” says Gerard Angus of iPodAdvertising. “iPodAdvertising makes that initial step easier, helping artists reach out to new listeners and potential fans.”

iPodAdvertising (available online at http://www.ipodadvertising.net) offers nine different advertising plan, whereby artists pay exactly a dollar for each single song advertisement. At that rate, iPodAdvertising includes a single song on a single iPod that is then sold through the web site to listeners.

Artists and bands can thus fill out order forms on the web site and pay via Google Checkout. iPodAdvertising uploads the selected song(s) onto iPods, along with artwork such as album covers or artist photos, and then sells the iPods online throughout the United States.

iPodAdvertising prefers tracks that are three to four minutes in length, and full tracks rather than edits. Each iPod sold on the web site will contain around 1,500 tracks of the latest underground music, ranging from freestyle and instrumental to R & B and reggae.

“Without promotion and marketing, there is little chance that consumers will know about your music or that stores will order your products,” says Angus. “iPodAdvertising simultaneously hitches your music with the success of the iPod, a product that is already high in demand.”

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