International Joint Venture With EMI Records Launches!

International Joint Venture With EMI Records Launches!

Gorgeous Brown Records set up to discover South Asian Talent around the globe – A joint venture between RG Entertainment Ltd and EMI Records – Brit Asian act 3Mix first to be signed.

December 2008 saw the signing of a joint venture between Rasheed Global Entertainment Ltd and EMI Records. This was down to the vision Aadil Rasheed has for establishing a “Motown” type of home for artists of South Asian origin whom, over the past 5 years, have really made headway into mainstream music markets. This vision was shared by new EMI boss Guy Hands whose Terra Firma company purchased EMI in 2008 in a multi-Billion Pound buy out!

Aadil was in fact one of the scene’s pioneers through his signing and delivery of the biggest selling Indian artist in mainstream markets do date…Raghav. Through his previous label venture A&R Records (which he ran as a joint venture with Richard Branson’s former company V2 Records), Aadil delivered Raghav as an international multi-platinum artist scoring no less than 4 top 10 singles in the UK and worldwide album sales in excess of 5 million units for the debut album “Storyteller” from its release in 2005 to present day.

This new label venture is called “Gorgeous Brown” and will launch in 2009 with a debut release from universally loved boy band 3Mix. Their debut single “Put It On Me” was co-written by former lead singer of Blue, Lee Ryan and top producer Mushtaq (who is now working on Amy Winehouse’s new album). Mushtaq is also responsible for the 2nd release on the label in early 2009 which will be the debut English release from a lady widely renowned by many international Asian music websites and radio stations, as THE top female Indian Hindi vocalist…Reenie.

Add to this a unique girl band, top solo male vocalist and another solo female and you have a very special roster of artists who not only make some awesome studio productions, but can cut it on a live stage to a “real” audience too. Never before has anyone tried anything so bold but in Aadil’s opinion, never before has there been a roster of acts worthy of this spotlight until now!

What makes this SO unique as a deal is that for the first time in this genre’s history, once the label has achieved any form of success in the UK, it can plug into the huge international resources and outlets that EMI will provide in up to 33 international territories! So for sponsors, gigs and the general demand that this sort of exposure this level of aggressive promotion brings, the possibilities are endless.

Aadil himself will be overseeing the UK operation under the EMI guidance of Nick Gatfield and liaising with David Kassler and Billy Mann at EMI internationally for what promises to be a fresh and new genre which will finally excite the public after a 2008 which will be known as the year of the guitar band in the UK as this was the only genre given any real platform. Gorgeous Brown is not out to reinvent the wheel but it is out to “change the tyre” on that wheel.

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