Hip Hop changes on the 5th of March!

Hip Hop changes on the 5th of March!

Will the Asian community stand beside him or protest against him? Either way, On the 5th of March the first Asian (Bengali) rapper will be launching his first album onto the streets of London.

A 20 year old from North London chose to step up and represent Bangladesh in the Hip-Hop community.

Three years after he took on rap as his only shot at living proud and happy, he is now signed to Bass of Bengal with his first album, ‘A piece of the future’ due for release on the 5th of March.

Though he represents Bangladesh, as most rappers he speaks his mind and this sparked a discussion about the way he will portray Bangladesh to the UK.

The Album consists of hard hitting drums accompanied by hypnotizing melodies along with J2’s u.s style of rapping. Lyrically, J2 exposes a whole new side to Hip-hop rather than the usual gangster rap, commercial Hip-Hop/RnB and UK Hip-Hop.

With the music being highly addictive and his complicated yet poetical lyrics forcing its way into you’re minds, J2 is certainly a rising star.

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