Gospel CD ‘Faithful’ is released for spring

Gospel CD

A new gospel CD entitled Faithful has been launched by Yemi Popoola.

This debut sound track offers an inspiring combination of classic gospel songs and innovative renditions of praise and worship with strong Nigerian influences that makes listening to this new release a truly edifying 45 minutes.

Artist and teacher Yemi Popoola uses her music as a vehicle to communicate both the love and faithfulness of God through song, she sees this album as a testimony of the faithfulness she has experienced in her own life.

‘Music is wonderful way to evoke emotions and express feelings that often cannot be expressed in words, and this is what ‘Faithful’ is about for me. I want people to be touched by this work. It is an expression of the motivation that has taken me through challenges and urged me on to attain what initially appeared to be impossible.

This work is also a celebration and I my hope is that when people hear the worship songs on this CD that it stirs in them the same inspiration and joy we felt while working on it,’ Yemi Popoola said.

Ten percent of all proceed from the sales of this new Album , ‘Faithful’, have been committed to the international aid work of ‘Arm of Hope’, an organisation, that works within leper colonies within west Africa. Arm of Hope bring aid and relief and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people living in leper colonise in marginalised areas on the outskirts of communities.

‘This CD ‘Faithful’ has a message of hope that I am believing anyone who hears it will be empowered to know that even dreams that appear impossible can be actualised. I am hoping that all contributions from this CD that go to Arm of Hope charity will transform lives of those who have largely been forgotten by society’, Yemi Poopla said.

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