Fat Fraddy Drops at London’s Astoria

Fat Fraddy Drops at London

New Zealand’s, Fat Freddy Drops perform at London’s Astoria on June 28th and releases DVD at same time.

The future funk pirates take a break from recording their second album and return to the UK for a performance at London’s Astoria. This will see the Freddy’s testing fresh songs and introducing new guests on stage. The live set will take a different twist with an all male Maori vocal line up as lead singer Dallas Tamaira (aka Joe Dukie) is joined by Rio Hunuki (formerly of Trinity Roots) and new comer Adi Dick.

Freddy’s also release their Fantastic Voyages DVD featuring live footage shot on the European ‘2006 World Cup Tour’. These versions of old and new tracks as live clips are one-off, inspired jams. Check for preview clips on the Myspace page. The Fantastic Voyages DVD is now out and released via Kartel.

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