DJ VASEY film fundraising event

DJ VASEY film fundraising event

This release is an initial communication about an exciting1 night Asian fundraising event for the blind charity Henshaws; and the screening of a film about N. E. England blind DJ – DJ VASEY.

Date: June14 th, 2011.

Subject: ‘DJ VASEY’ film and fundraising event

Sight loss is something we all fear. What would we do if we began to lose this faculty? How would it feel, and how would we cope in a world that is increasingly visual, and where even everyday tasks can require sophisticated hand/ eye co- ordination?? Who would be there to help us? Could we live normally?

This was a reality that North- East DJ and musician Avase Tariq (aka DJ VASEY) was forced to face; as revealed in a new short film by Blue Rain Productions. Avase and his friends and family speak very movingly in the film about some of the challenges he overcame, on his path to independence through music; and, how he is a role- model for anybody who faces similar setbacks. See the short film here:

Blue Rain Productions plan to use this positive look at disability to raise funds and awareness about sight loss and blindness. Currently Blue Rain Productions are close to securing a local venue (for an event at the end of July), and are seeking sponsors and partners to support and facilitate an exciting and memorable evening.

The planned event will be ticketed and open to all, and is expected to feature great live performances by: talented musicians and performers, DJ s, a U. K. Asian star, food, a goody- bag and other promotions, and a potential fashion show. The ‘DJ VASEY’ film will also be screened and all money raised from ticket sales (and on the night) will go to charity.

The film and event are supported by Henshaws Society for Blind People, and their national ‘500 challenge’ initiative. The ‘500 Challenge’ is Henshaws’ bid to assist companies in raising funds for the charity and those it supports in an innovative way.

Region: All
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