Carla Bruni releases her musical interpretation of WH Auden poem

Carla Bruni releases her musical interpretation of WH Auden poem

Former Italian supermodel Carla Bruni records: ‘Lady Weeping At The Crossroads’ – UK single release 30th July on Dramatico Entertainment

Carla Bruni releases her musical interpretation of WH Auden’s ‘Lady Weeping At The Crossroad’ from her acclaimed second album ‘No Promises’

“Lovelier than Kate Moss – and better read. Her growly reading of Auden’s Lady Weeping at the crossroads could be a Cohen classic”. Observer Music Magazine

Carla Bruni’s second album – her first in English – drew critical acclaim following its UK release in May. The Italian-born, Paris-raised former supermodel breathed new life into classic poems by 19th and 20th century poets including WB Yeats, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti and WH Auden. Teaming up ex-Telephone guitarist Louis Bertignac Carla created an album that was sensual and seductive yet understated in its loveliness.

“Wistfully accomplished” – Mojo Magazine

“This extraordinary album is one of the most delicious that I’ve listened to in years” – Acoustic Magazine

“Grown up, sultry and satisfying” – Esquire Magazine

“Really quite beautiful – gentle warm and utterly uncontrived. Sexy and profound – it’s a seductive combination” – Daily Telegraph

“A beautiful woman has just made a beautiful album” – The Sun

“Impossible to resist” – Daily Express

“Carla Bruni’s music is good enough to erase the memory of Naomi Campbell’s Babywoman” – Word Magazine

Carla’s musical interpretation of WH Auden’s 1945 poem ‘Lady Weeping At The Crossroad’ is profound, potent and imbued with a delicate beauty from an album of, quite simply, pure poetry.

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