Music Congress kicks off new year with music industry workshops Music Congress kicks off new year with music industry workshops

It’s that time of the year, when you have to turn your new year’s resolution into reality, by power-boosting your music industry knowledge and contacts!

If you are determined to make a living (i.e. make money) from music, we have 2 workshops for budding to experienced practitioners.

“The music (industry) over the last few years has moved from a position where it’s a sales-based model to one where it is much more a usage-based model,” says Keith Harris, Stevie Wonder rep & PPL Director of Performer Affairs. “It’s about doing a licence for use of your music.”

The people behind BBM/BMC ( Music Congress), the workshop facilitator, and Musicalities, Start Your Own Business Academy, BTWSC* and Akoben Awards, have several years experience delivering music industry training and education from grassroots, professional, to post-graduate levels.

Please note these are small classes, hence spaces are very limited.

BBM/BMC events are not exclusively for Africans – they are open to all interested in black music and/or music industry issues.

*BTWSC is open to explore partnerships in order to deliver its OCN Level 2 accredited Music Industry Overview course:

1. Making Sense Of Music Licensing
Wednesday January 15, 1-4.30pm
a) Aimed at those who have some prior understanding of copyright, publishing and the music industry.
b) There is more to the music industry than performing live or releasing records. In recent times LICENSING is where the monetisation of music and recording content is at. The Workshop covers sync licensing for films, broadcast, games, plus sampling etc. You will learn about the various licensing options and likely deals.
c) The workshop is led by Ivan Chandler, a music publisher and copyright consultant with over 30 years experience. His roles in the music field include General Manager of Paramount Pictures’ music company 1977-1980, and European Manager of Motown’s Jobete music publishing division 1980-1989. He’s been running his own music consultancy Musicalities since 1995. He’s the author of the PACT publication “The Music Copyright Guide for Television and Film Production”. His clients include 19 Entertainment, Universal Music, 2entertain, Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productions, Simon & Schuster, Peter Andre, Faithless and Sir Michael Parkinson.

2. Making Sense Of How The Music Industry Works & Preparing A Music Business Plan Workshop
Wednesday January 22, 1-4.30pm
a) Aimed at a mixed group, from budding to experienced practitioners who want to have a better idea of how the various music industry elements work, and/or need to know how to write a music business plan for a career or business development.
b) Part 1 maps out the various industry elements and how they interact within the music industry, plus key rights and income streams. Part 2 focuses on the practical steps towards developing and writing a business plan focused on the music/entertainment industry.
c) Part 1 is led by Kwaku, BTWSC and Akoben Awards course and project designer, and a former music industry tutor at University of Westminster, City University, etc with over 20 years training experience having worked in the music industry from the mid-1970s. A former Billboard and DJ columnist, he holds Masters in Media, Music Business Management and an LLB in Entertainment Law. Part 2 is led by Boomy Tokan, an artist manager, record label owner, and music industry adviser with experience stretching from Portobello Business Centre, to a number bespoke consultancies, the latest being Start Your Own Academy. He’s worked with dozens of music industry entrepreneurs to help develop their business and sources several thousands of funding/investment.

a) Please have lunch before attending, as there will be no lunch or long break. Eating in Workshop is not permitted.
b) Do bring note pads, tablets, pens etc to take notes. Those taking Workshop 2 are welcome to bring their business plans, if they’ve already started one.
c) The period 4-4.30pm is the "wind-down zone" and workshop leaders will use it as they decide fit.

BBM/BMC in association with Musicalities, StartYourOwnBusinessAcademy, Akoben Awards & BTWSC

Region: All
Start Date: 15/01/2014
End Date: 22/01/2014
Start Time: 13:00
Venue: VAM
Celebs Attending: workshop leaders Ivan Chandler, Boomy Tokan, Kwaku
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Sponsorship: Not Available
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Phone: 020 8450 5987