British Black Music Month Kicks Off With A Launch This Friday

British Black Music Month Kicks Off With A Launch This Friday

2010 British Black Music Month kicks off with a launch incorporating networking, quiz, prizes, performances, and Caribbean food

British Black Music Month (BBMM), the annual space in June for celebrating domestic black music, highlighting issues, and offering opportunities to learn about the music industry through courses and seminars, kicks off with a launch on Friday May 18, 7-9pm.

The launch, which takes place at Willesden Green Library Centre, north-west London, includes a quiz, and performances by up and coming artists.

BBMM, which is an initiative of the Black Music Congress (BMC), a forum for discussing black music issue, networking, and a pathway to music industry education, has been going since 2006.

The events, which take place across London and beyond, include radio specials, concerts, the Music Biz Empowerment Monday Half-Day master-classes, The £10k New Music Entrepreneur Grant’s 10X6 Challenge for new, young entrepreneurs, a film screening of The Lovers Rock Story (rough cut version), the Is Popular Black Music Empowering Us? debate, an anatomy of Osibisa’s 1971 eponymous album, and seminars including Managing No.1 Artists & Songwriters, Talking Copyright: Reflecting On A 300 Year History & The Music Industry, British Black Gospel: An Invisible Industry?, Kissing History: Reminiscing Over 25 Years Of Kiss FM, Keeping It Legal: Live And On-Air.

For more information or to book, either email or call 020 8450 5987.

Details of BBMM events can be found at

Region: All
Start Date: 28/05/2010
End Date: 28/05/2010
Start Time: 19:00
Venue: The Space, Willesden Green Library Centre
Venue Address: 95 High Road, Willesden, London
Press Tickets: Not Available
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Press Tickets:
Name: K Kwaku
Phone: 020 8450 5987