AsianRhythm – Watch. Listen. Download

AsianRhythm - Watch. Listen. Download

The U.Ks first legal desi digital downloads store dedicated to promoting the Urban/Asian music industry.

Our aim to bring music/videos to everyone who loves urban/asian music. No restrictions, no limits – only safe reliable instant downloads no matter where you are in the world!

Buying CD’s online was great at one time but these days people don’t want to wait around for a CD to arrive through the post especially those who don’t reside in the UK have to wait weeks for the CD’s to arrive.

They want music and they want it now and that’s why we offer instant downloads at a fraction of the price.

Unlike some desi sites that set up a store front then distribute music through iTunes i.e linking the music directly to iTunes. We process / convert / encrypt / upload and store the media. will feature the latest in Bhangra, Hindi, Urban Asian, Remix and Music videos.

Music videos are streamed directly from the site, listen to samples before downloading with an added incentive of earning points for each song/video or album downloaded – points = FREE music!!

If that wasnt enough we offer buy one get one frees on various albums/songs and videos.

We work closely with the record labels and artists and always find ways of giving back to our users by bringing free downloads, mixtapes and exclusive content.

Visitors can leave reviews/comments and rate the media on the store. The choice to pick and choose songs from various albums and download only them! not restricting you to purchase the whole album.

AsianRhythm will also offer very soon the same to all the unsigned talent out there – a place to promote and sell their music online.

Record labels and artists can contact us on or via our website

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