Artist with passion: Ramesh

Artist with passion: Ramesh

He couldn’t "speak" the language 10 years ago, today he "sings" in English.
Ramesh is a Diaspora living in UK, released his latest track and music video "Every Time"

An extremely talented singer and songwriter whose musical journey began back home in Ceylon. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that Ramesh was always surrounded by music. He was raised in a family where everyone sings devotional songs and his first brother is a widely known carnatic music singer and teacher; all of which influenced his interest in music. At the age of 15 he left Ceylon to live in the UK; where working as a Live TV presenter, performing various chat and musical shows and hosting many stage shows, further enhanced his love for music.

After releasing a few single tracks, his first experience as a recording artist was
established. In addition to collaborating with the record label SME, Ramesh released a single Asian music video titled as ‘kadhal kadhal (Love Love)’ that brought audiences of all ages
together. Working on several tracks with SME, he illustrates that “we want SME and our
artists to be recognised globally thus we are determined to produce tracks which will reach a
wider audience, Western and Eastern”.

The latest outstanding track called ‘Every time’ has met the high expectation among the artists. The song has once again been a hit amongst audiences of all ages. Constant success and praise from all, encourages him to produce more amazingtracks and fulfil his dreams.

The tremendously artistic singer and songwriter differentiates his tracks from others
by quoting “our songs are unique as we have different flavour to it like RNB & reggae as well as our traditional music & instruments such as melam/thavil (drums) “.
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