African Rebel Music

African Rebel Music

‘African Rebel Music – Roots Reggae and Dancehall’ gives the first insight into the new
exciting Reggae/ Dancehall movement happening all over Africa right now. So far only
two Reggae artists from Africa have had real international success: Lucky Dube and
Alpha Blondy.

A new generation has long arrived, but while many of these artists are superstars at home and regularly at the top of their local charts, this compilation is the first chance for most of them to present their music to an international audience.

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The compilation features 17 tracks by artists from 10 African countries, all very distinct
in their style, mixing in their local flavours:
The East African Reggae Bashment Crew is a collaboration of two famous East African acts: the duo Necessary Noize from Kenya and Bebe Cool from Uganda.

Ethiopia, often the subject of Jamaican Roots Reggae songs, is represented by the song ‘Shashamane on my Mind’ in which Sydney Salmon praises a piece of land that was once given to the Africans in the Diaspora by Haile Selassie as a place for repatriation. Batman is one of the most popular Dancehall artists from Ghana whose style of music, known as Raglife, is currently rocking the nightclubs of Accra. Another highlight is Tiken Jah Fakoly from Ivory Coast, also home country of Alpha Blondy,
who is no doubt the next international Reggae star to emerge from Africa. He is the only
artist featured whose albums have been released internationally. In fact Tiken Jah Fakoly was the most successful Reggae artist in France in 2005. Other artists on this compilation include Dully Sykes from Tanzania, H2O from South Africa, Danfo Drivers from Nigeria and 994 Crew from Mauritania, a country where the Reggae
scene has only recently emerged. The biggest countries for Reggae music in Africa are
no doubt Uganda and The Gambia, the latter has even been nicknamed the second Jamaica due to their strong Reggae scene. They are represented here by Peter Miles from Uganda and Rebellion The Recaller from The Gambia.

These artists are the heroes of a new generation of African pop music that has long
surpassed the usual World Music stars still being celebrated in Europe. The sound and lyrics of their music represent the feeling of an urban Africa in the 21st Century. With
so many Jamaican Reggae artists singing about Africa it is refreshing to finally hear Reggae music by the next generation of African musicians.


“Thrillingly raw compilation of contemporary African reggae which opens up new worlds
of discovery; tune in and get acquainted.”
– MOJO –

“This exciting collection really uncovers the fact that Reggae is alive and kicking in Africa
and as powerful, popular and widespread as it is in Jamaica. The tracks bounce and
explode into a proclamation of stories of relationships, society and politics. Get down
with this!”
– SONGLINES (DJ Martin Morales) –

“A cutting edge collection – tuff, conscious music throughout.”
– STRAIGHT NO CHASER (DJ Jamie Renton) –

“On hearing this compilation, you start to wonder why we think real reggae and dancehall has to be Jamaican; here you see the music has travelled back to its roots in Africa and been taken apart, played with and mastered by real talent.”

“The fusions of dancehall reggae and traditional African music hint at whole new genres of urban music which may emerge from the continent, while the wide range of countries, languages and musical cultures on display also suggest that African reggae has a lot more to offer … Excellent.”

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