The Veteran

The Veteran

The Veteran, the latest gritty offering from Revolver Entertainment (The Infidel, Shank, Anuvahood) tackles the issues of violence, drugs and gang culture on a London estate. Starring Toby Kebbell, Brian Cox and Ashley Thomas, the film is released nationwide on April 29th.

The Veteran tells the powerful story of retired soldier Robert Miller (Toby Kebbell), returning home from Afghanistan. Living on a violent council estate and finding work in undercover surveillance, he becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are intrinsically tied to a suspected terrorist cell. Taking the situation into his own hands, Miller embarks on a brutal quest for justice, with devastating consequences.
Written and directed by Matthew Hope, the film stars the award winning and BAFTA-nominated Toby Kebbell in a career-defining performance as Miller. The film also stars multiple award-winner Brian Cox, popular urban grime artist Ashley Thomas in a tough and impressive performance and also features Israel’s leading theatre actress Adi Bielski.

Speaking about his performance, Toby commented:

“The film is very real and gripping from the beginning. My character really struggles to cope with everything going on around him and his whole world is defined by searching for the enemy – he fights one battle after another seeking a new way of life. The issues in the film are very relevant and I hope that I do justice to this incredible role.”

Writer and director Matthew Hope also said:

“The issues that are tackled in The Veteran are very much a part of the world in which we exist today. People are fighting wars both abroad and at home, and it’s time we focused on what is really going on around us. I think that people will watch this film and learn a valuable lesson about life – the actors who portray the characters have done a wonderful job and I hope that people appreciate the depth and sincerity of the film.”

A captivating and insightful portrayal of life after war, The Veteran is a thrilling insight into the mind of a man who refuses to back down.

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