The director of ‘Kidulthood’ returns with ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’

The director of

Everywhere+Nowhere is a raw, powerful and funny coming-of-age film focusing on the identity struggles of Ash, a young British Asian who is torn between the traditions of suburban family life and his passion for DJ-ing.

Bangladeshi writer and director, Menhaj Huda, best known for the hugely acclaimed ‘Kidulthood’, brings you the controversial new film, ‘Everywhere+Nowhere’. He takes audiences on a journey that follows four young Muslim boys as they try to overcome the challenges of traditional Asian family life, whilst living in multicultural Britain. Exploring taboo subjects faced by today’s youth, the Bangladeshi director sheds light on the social and cultural barriers that permeate Asian society.

Young, good-looking and educated, Ash has a privileged life but he’s trapped between a clash of cultures: hedonistic, multi-cultural London with his friends and a traditional Asian family upbringing in middle class suburbia.

Lead actor, James Floyd (The Infidel, Tormented) plays the films central character, Ash Khan, who is joined by his three on-screen friends, Zaf (Adam Deacon – Kidulthood, Adulthood,, Shank, Anuvahood), Jaz (Elyes Gabel – Casualty, Waterloo Road) and Riz (Neet Mohan). As the story unfolds, each character battles on a quest to find their own identity facing many hurdles along the way.

Adding to the cast, legendary Saeed Jaffrey, celebrated actor, Art Malik, Bollywood star Alyy Khan, singer-songwriter Simon Webbe and stunning actress Shivani Ghai all play integral roles in the film.

Will Ash conform to his family’s expectations or will he break the mould and follow his dream?

Remember it’s not where you’re from…it’s where you’re at!

Everywhere + Nowhere releases in cinemas on May 6th.

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