Polish Cult Classic ‘The Saragossa Manuscript’ Released on DVD

Polish Cult Classic

At long long last, the obscure Polish cult classic film "The Saragossa Manuscript" has been released on worldwide DVD sell-through buy Mr Bongo Films.

Described at various time by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola as their favorite film, Wojchiech Has’ 1965 obscure Polish masterpiece has until now gone largely unknown to the foreign film world.

Official Mr Bongo Publicity:
“Enter a dazzling, mysterious world of the supernatural courtesy of The Saragossa Manuscript, a magical text discovered during the Napoleonic Wars by a pair of opposing soldiers. Capt. Alphonse van Worden lives out the book’s intricate, devilish storylines as he embarks on a journey across scenic Spain, now populated with ghosts, alluring demons, debauched royalty, and mystical priests. Spanning centuries and nations, the Manuscript’s reach encompasses a wide array of stories both humorous and horrifying, gleeful and grotesque, before the final chilling revelations bring this one of a kind book to a close.”

Remarkably the DVD was created from the last surviving full length print (Wojciech Has’ own) whose restoration was initiated by the late Jerry Garcia. It seems absolutely remarkable to think that such a classic of world cinema came so close to being lost, but now thanks to Mr Bongo the film is set to continue gathering more and more followers.

“Simulateously horrific, erotic and funny … this is one mother of a film” (David Lynch) “I love the Saragossa Manuscript…exceptional” (Luis Bunel) “Polish genius” (Le Monde)

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