Polish cinema has won hearts of British cinema-goers

Polish cinema has won hearts of British cinema-goers

Play Poland Film Festival, the biggest event which promotes Polish cinema
in the United Kingdom, has managed to win hearts of British cinema-goers. From September to December, during the second 4-month edition of
the festival, over ten thousand viewers came to the screenings of the best Polish films of recent years.

“We are extremely happy that we have managed to attract such a huge audience to festival events as this means that our goal to promote Polish films has been accomplished,” comments Mr Mateusz Jarza,
the originator and main organiser of the festival, and simultaneously the head of the Polish Art Europe, a non-profit organisation which promotes Polish culture and art abroad.

The mobile film festival began on 28 September 2012 and was held in seven British cities, namely Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford, Sunderland, London, Liverpool and Newcastle. This biggest European film festival which promotes Polish cinema may be briefly summarised as follows: 75 days of screenings of the best Polish films of recent years, feature and short-length movies, special screenings, exhibitions of the best Polish film posters as well as popular meetings with filmmakers.

This year, cinema-goers watched, among others, “80 Millions” (“80 milionów”) by Waldemar Krzystek, “Joanna” by Feliks Falk, “Fear of Falling” (“Lęk wysokości”) by Bartosz Konopka, “The Canadian Dresses” (“Kanadyjskie sukienki”) by Maciej Michalski and “Elles” (“Sponsoring”) by Małgorzata Szumowska as well as the best films and animations created by the National Film School in Łódź, Wajda School, Munk Studio and Platige Image Studio.

The exhibitions of film posters allowed cinema-goers to see the works of famous Polish poster designers such as Andrzej Krajewski, Andrzej Pągowski and Eryk Lipiński.

“Special screenings were watched mainly by young people and students, while feature films were attended by a more mature audience and connoisseurs of world cinema,” says Mr Mateusz Jarza. “It seems that our idea for the festival continues to perform well. There is an increased interest in ambitious cinema in the United Kingdom and such films are created in Poland,” he adds.

“Next year, we are also going to organise trainings led by filmmakers. There are going to be more concerts and exhibitions, too. We are planning to ask even more British and Canadian cities to cooperate with us. We are also holding talks with Shanghai, Malta and Lisbon, and we hope that they will support us when
it comes to the next year festival organisation which is already in
the works,” comments Mr Mateusz Jarza. “Our patrons and partners have already promised to participate in the next year’s edition, which comes down to one thing – there will be more good Polish movies in the United Kingdom,”
he adds.

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