Picture Europe! – June 8th – June 14th

Picture Europe! - June 8th - June 14th

For a week in June the Curzon Soho and Renoir cinemas host the London edition of Picture Europe!,

Picture Europe! The Best of European Cinema in London

For a week in June the Curzon Soho and Renoir cinemas host the London edition of Picture Europe!, a brand-new initiative from European Film Promotion (EFP) which celebrates Europe’s film culture and invites London audiences to discover a wealth of cinema just a border away. Over 7 days, Picture Europe! screens 11 titles from 11 countries (Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria and The Netherlands) highlighting the diversity and creativity of European cinema. Successfully launched in April in Madrid and then Berlin, London is the third and final Picture Europe! event for 2007 (detailed information at www.picture-europe.eu).

On Friday 8 June Picture Europe! opens at the Curzon Soho with Agustín Diaz Yanes’ epic Spanish swashbuckler, Alatriste based on the best-selling novels by Arturo Perez-Reverte starring Viggo Mortensen, Eduardo Noriega, Elena Anaya and Unax Ugalde. Set in the early 17th century Alatriste tells the story of the fearless Spanish soldier, Diego Alatriste. Following years of brutal battle in Flanders, Alatriste returns to Spain and, honouring the dying wish of a good friend he raises the man’s son, Inigo, while putting his trusty sword to use as a hired assassin. But the Spain that he returns to is a corrupt country, abetted by a weak monarch, the scheming Count-Duke Olivares, and the all-powerful Inquisition. Deeply disillusioned, Alatriste turns mercenary, allowing his sword to be bought at almost any price.

On Thursday 14 June the London edition of Picture Europe! closes at the Renoir Brunswick with Sebastian Schipper’s hilarious A Friend of Mine, one of Germany’s box office hits during 2006. Starring Jürgen Vogel, Daniel Brühl and Sabine Timoteo, A Friend of Mine comes from the winning team at X Filme Creative Pool, who produced previous box-office winners Good Bye Lenin! and Run Lola Run, amongst others. A Friend of Mine is about two friends, Karl and Hans who couldn’t be more different. Karl is a young mathematician with a promising career, whereas lad-about-town Hans is less interested in his career and more interested in living. Hans asks Karl whether he is happy. Karl doesn’t know what to reply until Hans shows him what makes him happy: ice cream, girls, airplanes, and driving a Porsche at night in the nude along the Autobahn, for example. For Hans “friendship” means sharing everything, even Stelle, the queen of his heart. This is too much for Karl. But then, you can’t just get rid of a friend like Hans, and a woman like Stelle is unforgettable…

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Venue: Curzon Soho and Renoir cinemas
Venue Address: London
Website: http://www.efp-online.com.
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