Mischief Night released on DVD

Mischief Night released on DVD

“East is East meets Shameless…
the kids swear and smoke, the ethnic tensions simmer, and the comedy flows freely”
The Guardian Guide

“Playful…mischievous… gritty and amusing”

“One of the funniest, most refreshing films this country has produced in years”
The Observer

Everyone has Halloween, but in Yorkshire, they have MISCHIEF NIGHT – for one night only, madness and mayhem rule. This critically acclaimed film, from the producers of Shameless, will be available to rent on DVD on 26 March 2007 and to buy on DVD on 23 April 2007.

Tina Crabtree (Kelli Hollis) lives on the “white side” of the park with her three unruly children. On the “Asian side” lives Immie Khan (Ramon Tikaram) with his lively family. As the clock ticks down to Mischief Night, the Crabtrees and the Khans are unaware that their worlds are about to collide. In the course of one night, the barriers that separate both families come tumbling down in a blaze of crime, clubbing, love and fireworks – changing their lives forever.

Tina is played by Kelli Hollis, most recently seen as Yvonne in “Shameless”. Immie is Ramon Tikaram who is best known for his character as Ferdy in the BBC2 programme, “This Life”. Tina’s kids are played Holly Kenny as Kimberley, Michael Taylor as Tyler and Jake Hayward as Macauley. On the other side of the park in the large Khan family along with Immie, lives his stroppy sister Sarina played by Sarah Byrne and naughty brother Asif, played by Qasim Akhtar. All the kids were discovered through street casting, a method favoured by Writer / Director Penny Woolcock. “I’m not very keen on drama school kids because I prefer actors to just ‘be’ in a natural way,” says Penny.

The other key adult roles are Don Crabtree, Tina’s father played by Gwyne Hollis and Christopher Simpson (“Brick Lane”) as drug dealer Qassim.

The single disc DVD has several bonus features including a commentary by Penny Woolcock, the Writer/Director, as well as cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes footage. The DVD comes with 5.1 sound.

Radio One DJs Nihal and Bobby Friction compiled a soundtrack that reflects the tone of the film and what young people, Asian and white, are listening to. With contributions from artists like Juggy D, Lethal Bizzle, Usha Uthup, Ges-E, Jungle Brothers, Raghav, Nitin Sawhney , Outlandish, Swami and UK Apachi & Shy FX, the soundtrack represents the best of contemporary urban music.

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