Luck By Chance for writer/director duo Shantanu & Sheershak

Luck By Chance for writer/director duo Shantanu & Sheershak

Their own personal story could make a good script for a blockbuster film – two young boys both belonging to families of the Indian armed forces who attend the same school and are childhood buddies; they get separated as they grow older and life takes them to different corners of the world – only to meet again and create magic on the big screen!

Writer/director duo, Shantanu Ray Chibber and Sheershak Anand, of ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ fame and ‘3G’ which is currently getting ready for release, have both known each other for the last 26 years.

History Revisited:
While Shantanu’s education took him to Australia where he became a professional oceanographer, Sheershak moved to Delhi to become a mathematician. Both being unlikely vocations for the sprouting of two extremely talented movie-makers.But Fate lead free-spirited Shantanu to joining a production company in Australia where the first film he worked for was the Hollywood movie, ‘Matrix’, and later, ‘Prem Aggan’, a Bollywood film by Feroz Khan who was shooting in Australia at the time. Sheershak, the logical ‘mathematician’ who missed an opportunity by a filch in the government exams, finally made way to join a renowned production company called ‘Wide Angle’ as a production assistant.

The Reunion & 1st project:
After a gap of 7 years, Shantanu and Sheershak met once again and on a fun filled night of part-reminiscense of their past friendship and part-passion for film making, the decision to collaborate and start their own company took seed. They decided to name it ‘Men on the Moon’, aptly after the Rembrandt song.

‘Men on the Moon’ made more than 300 corporate films and after moving to Mumbai in 2005, Shantanu decided it was time to take the next step forward towards their original raison de etre – film making. Their lucky break came from Eros after they presented short 1 minute teasers for their script and thus ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ was born.

The way forward:
Since then there has been no looking back with their next film ‘3G’ debuting Shantanu and Sheershak as directors (starring Neil Nitin Mukesh), along with the film ”Table 21′ which is currently being shot in Fiji, where they have come on board as writers for the film (starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Paresh Rawal) and ‘Namak’ as writers for the movie to be directed by Prabhu Deva, starring Shahid Kapoor.

The lethal combination of the wild creativity of Shantanu and the sobering steadiness of Sheershak is on its way to stake its claim, on the film industry that they both love so much.

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