London Spanish Film Festival

London Spanish Film Festival

Tristana Media is pleased to present the second edition of the London Spanish Film Festival, which will take place between 8 – 20 September at the Ciné lumière. Organised in collaboration with the Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy, the Institut Français and the Instituto Cervantes, the festival will bring Londoners an exciting selection of contemporary cinema from Spain.

This year’s festival is divided into two sections, the first showcasing a dozen dynamic new and recent Spanish features, including UK premieres and preview screenings, and the second looking back at the career of one of Spanish cinema’s brightest stars, Carmen Maura, who will be present on 16 September for an exclusive on-stage interview.

The best of contemporary Spanish cinema

Aiming to reflect the quality and diversity of Spanish filmmaking today, the festival will screen a wide array of films in all styles and genres, from the caustic satire El método starring Eduardo Noriega (El Lobo, Novo), to the unconventional comedy of manners Inconscientes, the lively coming-of-age tale 7 virgenes, the gritty and moving Princesas, one of the year’s top home-grown hits in Spain, and the hilarious Aupa Etxebeste!, the first full-length Basque-language feature for 18 years. And, for the first time, documentary and animation are represented, with the moving portrait of rural Spain El cielo gira, and the animated screen version of the classic Basque folk tale Olentzero y el tronco mágico.

Attending the festival to introduce and discuss their films are directors Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (Una rosa de Francia) and Joaquim Oristrell (Inconscientes) and other guests to be confirmed.

Carmen Maura

Carmen Maura’s enormous emotional range as an actress have led her to roles as varied as femme fatale, mother, farmer, lesbian nun and transsexual actress. Almodóvar’s first, great muse, her work on his latest film Volver was rewarded with a Best Actress Award at Cannes, shared jointly with other members of the film’s female ensemble cast.

Maura’s first major role was in Fernando Colomo’s Tigres de Papel (Paper Tigers, 1977), followed in 1978 with Los ojos vendados (Blindfolded Eyes) by the great Carlos Saura. But the breakthrough came in 1980 when Almodóvar cast her in his debut feature, the deliciously cheeky Pepi, Luci, Bom, the first of seven films they would make together. Maura turned in one spectacular performance after another in What Have I Done to Deserve This, Dark Habits and Law of Desire, where she sparkled opposite Antonio Banderas as a transsexual actress caught up in a murderous love-triangle. International recognition finally came in 1988 with Almodóvar’s colourful screwball comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown where her turn as Pepa, the jilted TV actress at the centre of a whirlwind of bizarre happenings, won her first Goya and European Film Festival awards for Best Actress. Since then, Maura has been showered with prizes, and today, with over 100 films under her belt, remains an actress in hot demand both in Spain and abroad.

The London Spanish Film Festival will screen a representative selection of Maura’s work, from her early collaborations with Almodóvar (Law of Desire, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and What Have I Done to Deserve This?) to recent films by maverick director Alex de la Iglesia (La communidad, 800 balas). On 16 September, the actress herself will be present to look back at her lengthy career in an on-stage interview, ahead of the UK premiere of her recent film Entre vivir y soñar.



FRI 8 SEPT ‘ 7.45pm
El Método (The Method)
Spain/Argentina/Italy ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 121 mins ‘ dir. Marcelo Piñeyro, with Eduardo Noriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduard Fernández, Pablo Echarri ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 15 ‘ Followed by a Q&A with actress Najwa Nimri (TBC)

SAT 9 SEPT ‘ 2.00pm
Olentzero y el tronco mágico (Olentzero and the Magic Log)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ 82 mins ‘ dir. Juanjo Elordi ‘ animation ‘ 6+
£5, conc. £3 under 18s, groups (more than people) £2

SAT 9 SEPT ‘ 6.30pm
7 vírgenes (7 Virgins)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 89 mins ‘ dir. Alberto Rodríguez, with Juan José Ballesta, Jesús Carroza, Vicente Romero ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 18

SAT 9 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
Una rosa de Francia (Virgin Rose)
Spain/Cuba ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 98 mins ‘ dir. Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, with Jorge Perugorría, Alex González, Ana de Armas, Broselianda Hernández ‘ UK Premiere ‘ cert. 15 ‘ Introduced by director Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón

SUN 10 SEPT ‘ 5.00pm
El cielo gira (The Sky Turns)
Spain ‘ 2004 ‘ col ‘ 115 mins ‘ dir. Mercedes Alvarez ‘ documentary

SUN 10 SEPT ‘ 7.15pm
El taxista ful (The Taxi Thief )
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 85 mins ‘ dir. Jo Sol, with Pepe Rovira, Marc Sempere, Marcos Rovira “Makoki”, Dinero Gratis ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 12

TUE 12 SEPT ‘ 6.15pm
Malas temporadas (Hard Times)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 120 mins ‘ dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca, with Javier Cámara, Nathalie Poza, Eman Xor Oña, Leonor Watling ‘ UK Premiere ‘ cert. 12

TUE 12 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
Inconscientes (Unconscious)
Spain/Germany/Italy/Portugal ‘ 2004 ‘ col ‘ 100 mins ‘ dir. Joaquim Oristrell, with Leonor Watling, Luis Tosar, Alex Brendemühl, Mercedes Sampietro, Núria Prims ‘ Preview Screening ‘ cert. 18 ‘ Followed by a Q&A with director Joaquim Oristrell and actress Leonor Watling (TBC)

WED 13 SEPT ‘ 3.30pm
Olentzero y el tronco mágico (Olentzero and the Magic Log)

WED 13 SEPT ‘ 6.30pm
15 días contigo (15 Days With You)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 94 mins ‘ dir. Jesús Ponce, with Isabel Ampudia, Sebastián Haro, Mercedes Hoyos
UK Premiere ‘ video screening ‘ £5, conc. £4 ‘ cert. 15

WED 13 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
Astronautas (Astronauts)
Spain ‘ 2003 ‘ col ‘ 86 mins ‘ dir. Santi Amodeo, with Nancho Novo and Teresa Hurtado ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 15

THU 14 SEPT ‘ 6.30pm
Short films programme
Los ojos de Alicia (Alicia’s Eyes)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ 11 mins ‘ dir. Hugo Sanz
Máxima pena
Spain ‘ 2006 ‘ 12 mins ‘ dir. Juanjo Giménez Peña
Frozen Souls
Spain ‘ 2006 ‘ 15 mins ‘ dir. Juana Macias Alba
Lévame a otro sitio (Bring Me Somewhere Else)
Spain ‘ 2004 ‘ 22 mins ‘ dir. David Martín de los Santos
Recursos humanos (Human Resources)
Spain ‘ 2004 ‘ 16 mins ‘ dir. José Javier Rodríguez Melcón
THU 14 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
Para que no me olvides (Something to Remember Me By)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 107 mins ‘ dir. Patricia Ferreira, with Emma Vilarasau, Marta Etura, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Roger Coma ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 12

FRI 15 SEPT ‘ 6.15pm
Aupa Etxebeste! (Go Etxebeste!)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 97 mins ‘ dir. Asier Altuna and Telmo Esnal, with Ramón Aguirre, Elena Irureta, Paco Sagarzazu, Iban Garate ‘ London Premiere ‘ in Basque with English subtitles ‘ cert. 15
preceded by a Basque short film Eramos Pocos (2005, 16 mins, dir. Borja Cobeaga)

FRI 15 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
Princesas (Princesses)
Spain ‘ 2005 ‘ col ‘ 117 mins ‘ dir. Fernando León de Aranoa, with Candela Peña and Micaela Nevárez ‘ London Premiere ‘ cert. 18
Followed by a Q&A with director Fernando León de Aranoa (TBC)

SAT 16 SEPT ‘ 2.00pm
Olentzero y el tronco mágico (Olentzero and the Magic Log)

SAT 16 SEPT ‘ 5.00pm
La ley del deseo (Law of Desire)
Spain ‘ 1987 ‘ col ‘ 102 mins ‘ dir. Pedro Almodóvar, with Carmen Maura, Eusebio Poncela, Antonio Banderas ‘ cert. 18

SAT 16 SEPT ‘ 7.15pm
Carmen Maura ‘in-conversation’
multiple award-winning actress Carmen Maura will join us for an on-stage interview, illustrated with film clips, looking back at her thirty-year career in film. With Paul Ryan and Peter Evans, Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film Studies, Queen Mary, University of London.
on-stage conversation: £5, conc. £4 ‘ on stage conversation + Entre vivir y soñar: £10, conc. £8

SAT 16 SEPT ‘ 8.45pm
Entre vivir y soñar (Searching for Love)
Spain ‘ 2004 ‘ col ‘ 110 mins ‘ dir. Alfonso Albacete and David Menkes, with Carmen Maura, Alex Brendemühl, Marta Etura ‘ UK Premiere ‘ cert. 12

SUN 17 SEPT ‘ 5.00pm
¡Ay, Carmela! (Ay, Carmela!)
Spain ‘ 1990 ‘ col ‘ 95 mins ‘ dir. Carlos Saura, with Carmen Maura, Andrés Pajares, Gabino Diego ‘ cert.15

SUN 17 SEPT ‘ 7.15pm
25 degrés en hiver (25 Degrees in Winter)
France/Belgium/Spain ‘ 2004 ‘ col ‘ dir. Stéphane Vuillet, with Jacques Gamblin, Carmen Maura, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Pedro Romero ‘ UK Premiere ‘ in French & Spanish with English subtitles ‘ cert.12

TUE 19 SEPT ‘ 6.30pm
Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)
Spain ‘ 1988 ‘ col ‘ 90 mins ‘ dir. Pedro Almodóvar, with Carmen Maura, María Barranco, Antonio Banderas, Rossy de Palma ‘ cert. 12

TUE 19 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? (What Have I Done to Deserve This?)
Spain ‘ 1984 ‘ col ‘ 101 mins ‘ dir. Pedro Almodóvar, with Carmen Maura, Verónica Forqué, Chus Lampreave, Kiti Manver, Angel de Andrés López ‘ cert. 18

WED 20 SEPT ‘ 3.30pm
Olentzero y el tronco mágico (Olentzero and the Magic Log)

WED 20 SEPT ‘ 6.30pm
La comunidad (Common Wealth)
Spain ‘ 2000 ‘ col ‘ 110 mins ‘ dir. Alex de la Iglesia, with Carmen Maura, Eduardo Antuña, María Asquerino, Jesús Bonilla ‘ cert. 15

WED 20 SEPT ‘ 8.30pm
800 balas (800 Bullets)
Spain ‘ 2002 ‘ col ‘ 124 mins ‘ dir. Alex de la Iglesia, with Sancho Gracia, Carmen Maura, Angel de Andrés López, Eusebio Poncela
cert. 12

Tickets: £7, conc. £5
Double bills (two different film screenings on the same day): £9, conc. £7
Carmen Maura conversation on-stage: £5, conc. £4
Video screenings: £5, conc. £4
early booking recommended

Region: All
Venue: Ciné lumière at the Institut français
Venue Address: 17 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, London
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