Life in the UK, An educational film

Life in the UK, An educational film

Save Your Rights (SYR a registered charity in the UK, ) the campaign committed to ending forced marriages, is producing a Docu-Drama to raise awareness and educate people of this issue that robs people of their basic human rights.

‘Life in the UK’ An educational film project

SYR, a human rights charity producing a docu-drama (An educational fi¬lm) on the topic of forced marriages. We are in search of volunteers for the following positions:

• Actors
• Actress
• Media technicians
• Admin

We are also looking for a project co-ordinator (paid role).

For more details please contact us:
Call/Text: +44 (0) 7988 841 228

Region: All
Press Tickets: Not Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: S Alom
Phone: 07988 841 228