Latin American Film Festival


The hottest ticket in town this autumn is the 16th Latin American Film Festival. Held at Curzon cinemas, it is the highlight on London’s cultural calendar with a celebration of all things Latin American.

The Festival, which is the biggest of its kind outside the Spanish speaking world and the first to draw attention to the cultural hot bed of cinema activity in Latin America, has helped establish such names as Gael Garcia Bernal, the darling of Mexican cinema.

The Festival delivers the latest in contemporary Latin American feature, documentary, short and animation film. In most cases, it offers UK audiences their first opportunity to see these films on British soil. The Festival is supported by a number of events such as art, music and photography which brings the spice and colour of Latin America to autumn in London.


New Latin American Features And Documentaries:

BROKEN SKY is Julian Hernandez’ erotic melodrama played out in the vivid setting of Mexico City’s gay scene. By way of contrast, in ACTS OF MEN documentarist Kiko Goifman is plunged into the aftermath of one of Rio de Janeiro’s worst ever massacre by police death squads.

I REMEMBER (also from Brazil) is the lyrical portrait of lives in the big city REGARDING BUENOS AIRES and the blood-curdling thriller ROOMS FOR TOURISTS are both from Argentina.

AMERICAN VISA tells of a Bolivian academic who finds himself swept up in a world of political, criminal and sexual intrigue.

On Edge Documentary Programme:

Filmmakers of HASTA LA ULTIMA PIEDRA (Colombia), LOS PUEBLOS DE ESTA TIERRA (Peru/Bolivia/Mexico) and THE CUBARAUI WOMEN (Spain) will introduce their films.

Chicano Time!

Highlights include the stunning FRUIT OF LABOUR which vividly documents the situation of the thousands working illegally in the USA, exploited by Chicano gang masters as well as the authorities.

Latino Experimental

A filmmaking culture which dares to innovate and to challenge the mind and eye is showcased. NIPPON & YOKOSO (Mexico) takes the viewer on a Markeresque journey through an intercontinental relationship and the sumptuous tableaux of THE TEMPTATIONS OF BROTHER SEBASTIAN (Brazil) immerse the viewer in a fantastical post-apocalyptic world of sexual and religious oppression.

Shorts From Peru

This programme focuses on the children of Peru, the harshness endured by many of them in their everyday lives.

In ANGEL’S FIRE and MAURIS FROM TITICACA children have learnt to keep on smiling as they try to survive on the edge of Lake Titicaca.

LIMA’S STREETS focuses on the violence endured by street children; violence which is also turned on the documentary crew itself during the filming.

In BREAD, Edwin and Edson, 9 and 11 years old, work crushing rocks with their father in a mine. However, remarkably, their intense working conditions have not destroyed their love for life.

WELCOME TO POPTUN looks at children surviving in rural Guatemala and the adult despair which surrounds them and blights their lives.

International Meltdown

The ever-growing global reach of Latin American production is showcased here.

LOVING MARADONA is based around an interview with the great man himself and takes us on a journey spanning Cuba, Patagonia, Naples, Barcelona and Switzerland, tracing the life story of Diego Maradona and paying homage to the passion he has inspired in his fans all over the world.

When documentary director Flavia Fontes read about Hedir Antonio de Brito, a paraplegic, who had been refused permission to be married by the Catholic by reason of his impotence, she was determined to travel to Brazil to document his shocking situation. The result is the award-winning FORBIDDEN WEDDING. Other fascinating cultural co-productions include ROOTS TIME (Jamacia) and OUR AMERICA(Nicaragua/Switzerland), which explores memories of the Sandinista Revolution of the 1980’s in Nicaragua. This evocative film reflects upon the hopes and aspirations of that brief period, when one small country dared to stand against the might of the USA, to promote social justice and the rights of women, and to proclaim the existence of a different kind of America.

Special Events:

Thursday 2nd November 7.00pm – 2am free entry

16TH LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL LAUNCH PARTY – Movimientos presents Batmacumba special, with highlights of last year’s festival. Downstairs DJ Cliffy (Batmacumba) joins residents Arias & Springfield for a night of hot Latin & Brazilian beats.

Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton Street, Islington, London, N1 (Angel tube)

Tuesday 7th November

“VIVA LA REVOLUCION!” EXHIBITION OPENING – Featuring the work of Ronald Hernandez, Isabel Costa, Deborah Muszkat, Otto Schade, Guillermo Monroy, Juliette Atkinson, and many more brilliant artists. Curated by Janusz Finder, Finart.

Curzon Soho, 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY

Saturday 11th November from 4pm

RETROSPECTIVE & WORKSHOP BY RODRIGO VASQUEZ, LEGENDARY DOCUMENTARY MAKER FROM ARGENTINA – Vasquez’s recent work focuses not only on the dark years of military junta in Argentina and Chile, but also on the parallels between the repression of the 1970’s in Latin American and the contemporary “War on Terror”.

Curzon Soho, 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY

Monday 13th November from 6pm


Screening presented by Louise Winstanley, speaker from the Human Rights organisation Peace Brigades International (PBI)

Curzon Mayfair Curzon Street, London W1J 7TY

Saturday 11th until Saturday 18th November

Photographic group exhibition presenting the young musicians of “Projeto Suzuki”, trained at the Conservatório Pernambucano de Mùsica (C.P.M.), photographer Christina Frank has transformed her collection of interviews with the young people and their professors into verses that will be displayed alongside the photographic prints. Also “Images of the People” by pupils of the Observatorio de Favelas do Rio de Janeiro here showcase their work showing an optimistic side to ‘favela life’.

The Gallery at Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EB

Wednesday 15th November 4pm


What’s the link between these two places? Q & A with Danielle Smith, founder of Sandblast, representing Western Sahara’s government in the UK

Curzon Soho, 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 5DY

Saturday 11th November from 4pm


Ruswel Piñeiro reads from his Mango Publication, photographs by Florence Royer.

Curzon Soho, 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY

Sunday 19th November from 7pm free entry


Live music, fashion show, story reading, films and more. Everyone welcome.

15 Hanbury Street, Corbet Place E1, Spitalfields

Monday 4th December from 6pm free entry


An exhibition of photos by Gianni dal Mas, captures the dignity of Haitians in the face of everyday prejudice, and the solidarity of the Dominicans. Exhibition and screening organised by Progressio with support from Christian Aid, Trócaire and the Latin American Film Festival. Closing 8th December. For a free invitation to the private view, please contact

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