Holocaust Survivors talk in ‘Swimming in Auschwitz’. International Premiere.

Holocaust Survivors talk in

‘Swimming in Auschwitz” (Dir:Jon Keane) is to be screened for the first time outside the US at the Declaration of Independence Film Festival, taking place in central London in June.
One of the glaring omissions in the on-going study of the events of the Holocaust is the experiences of women in the concentration camps. While subject to the same physical conditions as the men, and many of the same physical hardships, the ways in which women convey their memories is a stark contrast to most male testimonies. A strong focus on family and friendship, on faith and spirituality of all kinds become focal points. It is this experience that ‘Swimming in Auschwitz’ captures.

The film tells the stories of six survivors of the Holocaust, all women, who now live in Los Angeles. The film begins with their `normal’, pre-war lives across Europe, and we chart their paths from encountering growing anti-Semitism, through to the horror of the camps.

Yet the stories the women tell are not merely that of suffering. Their stories are a testament to solidarity and human resilience. We learn of the singing, the sharing of food, the virtual family groups that were formed and the curious things that helped carry these remarkable women through unimaginable conditions.

The film will be screened at the Renoir Cinema, Bloomsbury on June 6th and June 7th as part of this new, ground breaking event bringing North American independent films to the capital.

From 1st to 7thJune 2007, the Declaration of Independence Film Festival will offer Londoners the chance to see original films from the USA and Canada for the first time, with seventeen international premieres being screened.

Visit the festival website for a full line-up of films and for a schedule of events:


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