THE WINTER OF LOVE is British Filmmaker Shakila Taranum Maan’s first feature film and is an intense, gripping drama set entirely in Southall. The film, which opened at the Raindance East Festival to acclaimed success, explores family tensions, hidden secrets and intergenerational conflict and hypocrisy.

The film is now available on DVD distributed by Equilibrium Internet Solutions. There will be a Press Launch and Q and A with Shakila Taranum Maan on Tuesday 1st March at 7pm at The Beauchamp, Knightsbridge followed by the launch of the soundtrack for the film with Composer Musician Kuljit Bhamra MBE.

Date: Tuesday March 1st, 2011
Time: Press Launch, Q and A and Launch of DVD and CD from 7pm onwards
Venue: The Beauchamp Bar. 43-44 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NX

Filmed on location in Southall, The Winter of Love tells the story of a British Asian family forced to face family secrets and explores unfinished stories in their lives. Prompted by the death of his brother, Shammi (Shiv Grewal) returns home to Southall after a lengthy period away. Indifference, isolation, prostitution and murder all lead to major confrontations and Shammi is forced to reassess his life. He is forced into action which sees him commit an act of great sacrifice to save what family he has left.

Part of the cast are Shiv Grewal, Gurpreet Bhatti; Dev Sagoo, Shaker Bassi, Badi U Zaman, Mamta Anand, Surendra Kochar, Anita Masih, Hardeep Singh Mangat and Pravesh Kumar.

British Asian music legend, Kuljit Bhamra MBE has composed the soundtrack for the film collaborating with singers and musicians Kamalbir Singh, Hannah Smith, Shahin Badar, Tracy Ray, Kamal Sabri & Sonia Panesar amongst others, which is also on release on Keda Records.

Award winning Filmmaker Shakila Taranum Maan has been at the forefront of creating radical and avant-garde British Asian theatre since the late 1970’s. She set up her first theatre company Sahar Arts in 1978 where she wrote and directed a number of plays including Rani (1979) a Pakistani prostitute who makes it in suburbia and Spirits (1981) a doomed relationship between a young Brit Asian girl and a Rastafarian. She established Southall Asian & African Caribbean Arts Collective 1982, now known as Heritage Ceramics, and went on to study film at the London College of Printing.

Shakila’s other productions as writer and director for theatre include Not Just An Asian Babe (1997), a play exploring prostitution, religion, bi-sexuality, community and business politics, all set in a seedy night club and an abattoir. All Gods Angels (1998) is an intense and feisty monologue of a British Asian prostitute and her personal relationship with God that ends in tragedy in a London bed-sit. Not Just An Asian Babe and All Gods Angels were co-written with Parminder Sekhon.

In 2000, Shakila was presented with the Pierre Cardin Best Art Film Award at the Asolo Film Festival, Italy for her arts documentary, Alone Together. Her other films include A Thousand Borrowed Eyes (1995) on Kathak dancer Nahid Siddiqui. In 2008, Shakila completed Zakhmẻ Dil (A Scarred Heart) for Save The Children Birmingham – Positive Press, a docu/drama on refugee young unaccompanied adults, telling their stories of the treacherous journey of survival. Most recent projects include The Southall Story, Parda/The Veil and The Sandhurst Project (New Arrivals – The Gurkhas). She says:

“When I started to write the screenplay for The Winter of Love I was looking for not just a story in the classical sense but I wanted to create a visual language that the film could inhabit – something that was truly its own language; body and soul. The famous poet Rumi said “it takes the raw to know the ripe” and this kept coming to mind. Although it was something that I had read 15 years prior to putting pen to paper, visually this image really stayed with me because you knew its essence was pain coupled with joy-which is what this film is essentially about.”

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“Atmospheric and effectively scored, this tale of one man’s journey through a quasi-deserted city and the past provides a welcome insight into a little-known London community.”

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