UTV Motion Pictures in association with Ishana Movies presents one of the most charming, extraordinary and awaited films of this year, Barfi!, released now in the UK and worldwide!.

Directed by Anurag Basu (Life in a… Metro), Barfi! presents the hottest property of contemporary Hindi cinema, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, in never-before-seen avatars which continue to prove their mettle and unparalleled acting abilities. Joining them on screen is Telugu superstar, Ileana D’Cruz, as she makes her debut in Hindi cinema with a delightfully fresh performance. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Darjeeling, Barfi! is complemented by soul rendering musical score by Pritam.

Selfless love is as simple as the word it is, letting someone be happy and considering it as happiness for you to see the other person happy’.

In the light of the Paralympics and having worked with Special needs children this film just blew me away.

At first, I thought where is this film heading but as the story unfolds it all made sense, the film encouraged me to use some of my senses especially Sight, Touch, Hear maybe, even taste as I buried my head in some tissues! I realised that the language of love has no words, no barriers. it us who put obstacles in our way. Whether out of ignorance or out of pure lack of understanding.

‘The individual needs an environment that provides them with genuineness, authenticity, openness, self-disclosure, acceptance, empathy and approval,’ something that these 3 individual experience as their freindships went through trails and errors.

Ranbir Kapoor deserves recognition for his performance as ‘Barfi’ for he was consistent and brilliant, the emotions he showed for 2hrs 30 minutes was very powerful. Ranbir in my eyes is a top class actor , adaptable and accommodating to the role he is playing, which puts him in the league of the likes of Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton and Tom Hardy. Ranbir Could well be the one Bollywood actor that crosses over to hit the big screens in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra equally displayed magnificent skills, both actors using sign language, very few words just had my attention 100%. As for Ileana D’Cruz she complemented both Ranbir and Priyanka showing a breath of fresh air.

Barfi is a must for all to see for in this film some real acting is dispalyed! A modern day contemporary movie about selfless love.

I will go and see ‘Barfi!’ again for I want to have a good cry not out of pity but just to share my emotions at the fact that the actors exceeded my expectations.

Just remember to take a packet of tissues and let your spirits go with the flow.

Horse & Hound

His parents named him Murphy, but everyone calls him Barfi! Always ready with a prank up his sleeve, he’s quite the charmer, especially with the ladies. In Darjeeling, Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is the talk of the town, even though he can neither speak nor listen. His bittersweet relationship with two, beautiful young ladies, Shruti (Ileana D’Cruz) and Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), sets in motion a chain of events that will turn his life upside down. Welcome to the world of Barfi, in which audiences are invited to witness his amusing, naughty and sometimes crazy antics – a heartwarming tale of selfless love and about finding happiness in the smallest things in life; that tells you no matter how tough your life may be, “Don’t Worry. Be Barfi!”

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