DocHouse Presents: PIPELINE

DocHouse Presents: PIPELINE

An epic Trans-Siberian pipeline is the backdrop to Vitaly Mansky’s poetic new documentary. Mansky uses the route of the pipeline to explore the everyday lives of the people living alongside it, illuminating the widening divide between Europe’s haves and Russian have not’s.

Dir. Vitaly Mansky
Russia/Czech Republic/Germany – 2013 – 121 mins

Life, death and everything in between. Director Vitaly Mansky’s new film explores the lives of people living alongside a Trans-Siberian pipeline. Travelling East to West, Mansky captures all manner of human experience. People and stories become linked not just by their proximity to the pipeline but also more subtle connections. Festivals, food, funerals, music and religion all make regular appearances, serving to illuminate the growing divide between the recipients of the oil in the pipeline and those struggling to survive along its course.

The stunning visuals allow the landscape to evolve and develop as the pipeline travels across Russia and further West towards its eventual destination. Mansky’s film presents a poetic and reflective look at the relationship between Eastern and Western Europe.

Official Selection: London Film Festival 2013

Vitaly Manskiy’s films have won numerous awards, including the IDFA Prize in Amsterdam 2006, "TEFI" award, Grand Prix of the "Russia" film festival. Le Grand Prix du Cinema du Reel-Festival International Cinema du reel, Paris, France, "Silver Dove" at the International Film Festival.

Region: All
Start Date: 29/05/2014
End Date:
Start Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Riverside Studios
Venue Address: Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London
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