Brand new web resource to help boost diversity in the film industry

Brand new web resource to help boost diversity in the film industry

A brand new information resource for everyone in the film industry which brings together comprehensive information on diversity best practice and employment law is now available online at

The toolkit has been developed by the UK Film Council and contains information, suggestions, top tips and sources of advice on diversity and equality issues. It covers everything from the Disability Discrimination Act – including what cinemas can do to improve access for the disabled – to top tips on recruitment and selection. It also includes good practice case studies and explains how the industry is promoting a more inclusive approach across the film sector.

The information is relevant to all organisations and individuals in the film industry whether small businesses, trainers, freelancers or providers of goods and services.

The toolkit is intended to help all sections of society to be part of film in the UK and looks in detail at:

· Cinema-going – Widening access to potential audience members who may be excluded from film, whether because of their disability, location, age, ethnic origin or any other reason.

· Working in film – Bringing in and retaining people from the widest pool of talent.

· Content and portrayal – Looking at storylines and at how certain groups are portrayed on film.

Marcia Williams, Head of Diversity at the UK Film Council said: “This new toolkit will make advice and information on diversity best practice accessible to everyone in the film sector. It’s not a rigid rulebook but a dynamic tool which can be adapted to suit the needs of everyone working in the film industry from contractors to service providers. I hope professionals across the film industry will find it a valuable resource.”

Minister for Film Shaun Woodward MP said: “Diversity matters. If we want to present a true picture of British life to the rest of the world through our films, our industry must reflect multicultural Britain as it really is. I am delighted that this initiative will help make diversity best practice relevant and accessible to all.”

Diversity in film – key statistics

· Women make up only one third of the film production workforce, compared with 46% of the general UK workforce. They are concentrated in roles such as costume and make-up.

· Only 5% of the film production workforce is from a minority ethnic group. In London, where the industry is heavily concentrated, these groups make up 24% of the general workforce.

The film production workforce is predominantly young, with 79% aged 49 or under. Just 13% of women in this area are aged 50 or over.
· Only 2% of the production workforce is disabled, compared with 13% of the general workforce.

· 44% of women working in film are married or living in a couple, compared with 69% of men. 21% have dependant children under 16, compared to 39% of men.

· Films in 33 different languages (including English) were released in the UK in 2005.

· Disabled people were under-represented in the film audience, except for retail video/DVD.

The toolkit forms part of the UK Film Council’s diversity strategy which aims to:

· Help the sector to achieve a more diverse workforce behind, and in front of, the camera across the film sector value chain (development, production, post-productions, distribution and exhibition).

· Enable all groups within our society to participate in and enjoy film culture as audiences and learners.

· Ensure that equality and diversity commitments are fully integrated into every aspect of all core UK Film Council activities.

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