Box Office stakes fly high as Reliance BIG Pictures presents ‘Kites’

Box Office stakes fly high as Reliance BIG Pictures presents

One of the most ambitious and truly international films to emerge from India is set to dominate cinemas worldwide as Reliance BIG Pictures presents the long-awaited ‘Kites’ a film that will undoubtedly fly high in Box Offices across the globe when it releases on 21st May 2010.

‘Kites’, the widest ever release for any Indian film production to date, heralds a new milestone in international filmmaking by truly crossing geographical, cultural and social boundaries making it a film which cannot be confined to any singular defining film genre. Anurag Basu, one of the most forward-thinking directors to emerge from India and fearless in his vision of breaking the conventions associated with Indian filmmaking, directs the heartthrob of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, one of India’s most idolised artists.

Hrithik sets screens ablaze with the on-screen chemistry he shares with smoldering Mexican beauty, Barbara Mori, the South American screen icon who has been creating waves across the international film circuit. ‘Kites’ has been produced by veteran of Indian cinema, Rakesh Roshan, under his Filmkraft banner.

‘Kites’ trails a filmic journey through the neon and nightlife of the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, where the crew took special permissions and blocked off roads for filming to the point of creating rain in the middle of the Nevada desert, through to the barren and beautiful landscape of New Mexico, where the natural beauty and unusual cloud formations provide a Utopia-like backdrop to a kaleidoscopic piece of cinematic work. The film effortlessly seams together romance, action, thriller and road trip into a montage that will guarantee a love affair with audiences universally. Narrated through a series of slickly edited flashbacks, ‘Kites’ tells its story through a mix of Hindi, English and subtitled Spanish. The soundtrack has been composed by music maestro Rajesh Roshan who has created a haunting ensemble of tracks fusing Western, Indian and Latino ballads.

‘Kites’ centres around two immigrants – one from India and one from Mexico – both navigating life in North America in pursuit of their dreams. Orphaned in childhood, ‘J’ (Hrithik Roshan) is a hustler who has learned to live by his wits and charm. Teaching salsa by day, he is not averse to a shady deal here and there. ‘Linda’ AKA ‘Natasha’ (Barbara Mori’) is a feisty, beautiful Mexican who has crossed the border illegally in the hope of making some money to support her family back home.

Destiny unites them through the most unexpected twist of fate which culminates in a mortally wounded man being left for dead in the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert. The man is J, but barely recognizable as the once carefree and street smart trickster that he was. The only thing now keeping him alive is his quest to reclaim the love of his life – Linda.

‘Kites’ is a multi-layered and textured film which transcends racial barriers and backgrounds. It deals with issues that hold utmost relevance in today’s multicultural society and is sure to touch the hearts of a diversity of both mainstream and ethnic film audiences the world over.

‘Kites’ is released by Reliance BIG Pictures in cinemas worldwide on 21st May 2010.

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