Whose Story? – confounding expectations and challenging notions of identity

Whose Story? -  confounding expectations and challenging notions of identity

Ten authors. Ten chapters. One story.

Imagine if your favourite author wrote a chapter of a story and anonymously submitted it for publication alongside nine other un-named writers. Would you be able to identify their writing? And would the words on the page reveal the cultural or social background, gender or race of the author?

This is the challenge posed by Whose Story?, a unique chain story to be published in The Times on Saturday 7 October.

Diran Adebayo, David Baddiel, Tracy Chevalier, Joanne Harris, Kate Mosse, Patrick Neate, Courttia Newland, Maggie O’Farrell, Kamila Shamsie and Alex Wheatle are the ten leading authors who have been commissioned to write one chapter each of this chain story.

The finished story will be published in a special supplement in The Times on 7 October, with the identity of who has written each chapter kept under wraps. The identity of each chapter’s author will then be revealed at a decibel event at The Times Cheltenham Literature on Sunday 15 October, with David Baddiel, Courttia Newland and Diran Adebayo, chaired by Kate Mosse.

Whose Story? was created in conjunction with decibel, Arts Council England’s programme to promote cultural diversity within the arts. Since 2004, decibel has been working to address the lack of diversity within the UK publishing industry, campaigning for change and redressing the cultural balance. In commissioning Whose Story? decibel aims to encourage debate, examining the factors that influence what we read and how much the identity of the author impacts upon how we read.

By stripping down the work from writers of different ethnicities and genders and presenting it in a form that is clear of preconceptions, Whose Story? challenges readers to address their pre-conceptions.

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