The Curry Mile – A Novel By Zahid Hussain

The Curry Mile - A Novel By Zahid Hussain

Suitcase Press is proud to announce the launch on 2nd November 2006 at The Royal Naz (Gogi’s) 18 Ifco Centre, Wilmslow Rd, Mancester of The Curry Mile – A Novel By Zahid Hussain.

Manchester’s Curry Mile has become an internationally famous destination point. Established in the 1970’s and now containing the largest concentration of Asian restaurants in the UK, The Mile brings everybody together, from the local student population, to families, to Manchester’s Asian and Arab communities. It is a vibrant, spectaularly lit and wonderfully bustling area, each restaurant constantly innovating to attract custom. Attractions include magicians, underfoot aquariums, on street kulfi ice cream stalls, parties, amazing art works and poets.

Never before has a novel been set in this magnificent place. Until now. Penned by debut writer Zahid Hussain, The Curry Mile does full justice to the area’s vibrancy and tells a gripping urban fairy tale of a young woman’s coming of age:

Daddy’s girl, Sorayah Butt has everything: the gorgeous live-in boy, the dream apartment, the enticing job offer. Her world is thrown upside down when her father turns up on her doorstep and discovers her with her dream boy in a state of undress. He disowns her.

‘He is not even a Muslim!’

When the family business threatens to go belly up without her intervention, Sorayah is caught on the horns of a dilemma: should she come to the rescue or leave her Dad to be ruined by the business melt-down?

A deftly written novel that says something important about the experiences of migrant communities in the UK today.

Zahid Hussain, 35, is a British Asian, born and raised in Lancashire. He is a Business and Management specialist, speaks six languages and works as a social entrepreneur in Manchester.

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Venue: The Royal Naz (Gogi’s)
Venue Address: 18 Ifco Centre, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester
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