Revenge Ink Unleashes Debut Books

Revenge Ink Unleashes Debut Books

Revolutionary publishing company, Revenge Ink has released its debut books. The Armageddon Mandala, by Gopal Mukerjee and Ugly Duckling, by Amita Mukerjee were unveiled at Imli in the heart of Soho by renowned writer and producer Farrukh Dhondy.

Amita and Gopal spoke about the importance of integrating the literary world and closing the ‘mainstream’ divide, before giving exclusive readings of their respective books and signing copies for guests.

“Book launches are PR events, organised for a conquered audience of readers and journalists,” says Amita Mukerjee, Managing Director Revenge Ink. “Revenge Ink’s book launch was more like a vernissage or film preview, where we introduced ourselves as publishers and writers to those who cared. That’s how we intended it. Revenge Ink is a small, idealistic publishing house for the post-modern age, when more people are writing than reading (about their lives on the Internet), when they are more eager to turn themselves into characters through their blogs and Facebook pages rather than turn to fiction for just such a specialised art.

“In such a world, writing, art and publishing become tremendous challenges, which is why Revenge Ink aims to bring the book back to individuals and the street, in the manner of the small publishers of the 30s and 60s. Revenge Ink aspires to return the author to his and her intended domain: live, voice-driven styles (now surrendered over to rap music) and personal, contemporary narratives (tragically abandoned to the voracious appetite of reality TV).”


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About Revenge Ink:
Revenge Ink is a revolutionary new publishing company that launched to challenge the conventions of the mainstream, highbrow publishing industry by showcasing cutting-edge works from subversive new writers. Dynamic siblings Amita and Gopal Mukerjee founded Revenge Ink to promote strong voices and take on emotionally driven and inspiring projects to encourage edgy ‘outside-the-box’ thinking.

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