Revenge Ink releases Ugly Duckling

Revenge Ink releases Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling is the debut novel by upcoming writer, Amita Mukerjee and is published by Revenge Ink, a revolutionary, subversive publishing company that was launched to showcase cutting edge works. Ugly Duckling is semi-autobiographical and uses slightly scabrous, ironic humour to describe the life and experiences of Mia Makarand as she thrusts herself into the cutthroat world she feels forced to live in.


Mia Makarand is a 20-something interpreter of Indian-American origin, who arrives in Paris from America to begin her career in interpreting and translating. Unhappy, frustrated and disillusioned at having to give up her dream of becoming a writer, she is also discontented in her marriage and sees her life heading down a bleak path of banality and humiliation. Ugly Duckling follows Mia’s largely unpleasant forays into the exclusive world of interpreters in Paris, most of whom would rather “feed her to the animals in the Jardin des plantes than help her…” After a series of disastrous attempts at fitting in and being accepted, Mia finally realises that her own dignity and self-worth are far more valuable.


This was a career where you had not only to know the right people, you had to have permission to kiss their asses. You had to be in the right social milieu to contemplate those coveted behinds. In Paris I learned it is not enough to be willing to kiss someone’s ass, you have to be highborn and wealthy enough to do it. Permitted to pucker up by those lining up in front of you. And by those behind you. To be allowed to be humiliated by the right people is the first and most important step to success.

To like yourself the way they say you should is harder than carrying a hippo up a steep hill. And yet, if you try it, you find you feel good. And you find solitude is no longer a problem. Being yourself is no longer a problem. It is in fact the smart choice. Yes indeed, I thought. Mia, myself and I. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.

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