Revenge Ink – New Book Publisher on Literary Block

Revenge Ink - New Book Publisher on Literary Block

Anarchist publishing company unleashes its subversive chic into the publishing industry

London, UK – Revenge Ink, a revolutionary new publishing company, has launched to challenge the conventions of the mainstream, highbrow publishing industry by showcasing cutting-edge works from subversive new writers.

Dynamic siblings Amita and Gopal Mukerjee founded Revenge Ink to promote strong voices and take on emotionally driven and inspiring projects to encourage edgy ‘outside-the-box’ thinking.

The siblings wants to give writers the freedom to pen their stories and original ideas without having to consider social acceptability or marketing tactics. Through Revenge Ink, Amita and Gopal will publish cutting edge works that reflect the world we live in, rather than conform to expectations or stereotypes, based on ethnicity or religion.

The first two books published through Revenge Ink, The Armageddon Mandala, by Gopal Mukerjee and Ugly Duckling by Amita Mukerjee both reflect this ideology.

Amita Mukerjee, Managing Director Revenge Ink, says: “The hallmark of Revenge Ink is to present new types of narrative that are edgy, progressive and bold.

“Our novels, The Armageddon Mandala and Ugly Duckling, have a scabrous straight-talking tone and voice-driven approach that most mainstream publishers wouldn’t readily touch and through Revenge Ink we want to publish new and subversive writing from other independent-minded and creative authors.”

The two books have already launched in India and received positive reviews from national broadsheets and have also been openly endorsed by popular writers, like Shobhaa De, a well-respected columnist and novelist.

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