The Cypriot: a novel (Andreas Koumi)


A highly topical love story, with Muslim/Christian conflict at its heart; a vivid, human evocation of a political situation that, decades on, is returning to the news as one of the EU’s greatest challenges.

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Tikka Look At Me Now – By Charan Gill


The inspirational true story of the rise and rise of Europe’s Curry King You could hardly come from humbler beginnings than Charan Gill and you could hardly rise much higher. Charan arrived in Glasgow from the Punjab in India at the age of nine with little understanding of Western culture. Although bright and articulate, he was denied a university education and, instead, began as an apprentice turner at a shipyard on the Clyde. Charan went on to found and head a multimillion-pound empire as ‘Europe’s Curry King’.

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The ultra-glossy chic series, a collection of luxurious coffee table guide books famed for its vibrant portrayal of some of the world’s most stylish destinations, is launching its first European edition, Spainchic, in London on the 27th June 2006.

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Good Morning Afghanistan! – Book Deal to Tell the Truth

Waseem Mahmood OBE is known to many governments in Europe and in the Muslim world. To others he is better known as a media Robo-Cop. Now for the very first time, Mahmood will tell the truth behind his life experiences and his greatest test; helping the people of Afghanistan to re-establish their country via the media. To do this he aided the setting up of radio and TV stations across a land that had been demolished by war thereby giving the Afghans their own voice and the chance of broadcasting the truth for the first time.

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PELÉ – The Autobigraphy


Without doubt the most important sports publication for 2006, PELÉ: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY is the first full autobiography of the world’s most famous footballer

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The Bloodstone Papers – Glen Duncan

‘When English and Indians were both present, he grew self-conscious, because he did not know to whom he belonged. For a little while he was vexed by opposite currents in his blood, then they blended, and he belonged to no one but himself’ A Passage to India, E.M. Forster

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A YEAR OF COOKING LIKE MUMMYJI picks up where Vicky's critically acclaimed debut, COOKING LIKE MUMMYJI, left off, exploring British-Asian cooking in the context of her family and, in this new title, of the seasons. A year of ceremonies and festivals as varied as Holi, Easter, Mother's Day, Rakshabandhan, weddings, Eid, Ramadan, Dassera, Diwali, birthdays, Lohri, Christmas and Valentine's Day are each celebrated through specially selected dishes and Vicky's trademark refreshing text.

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