The decibel Penguin prize 2007 seeks personal accounts of the experience of immigration to the UK


Penguin Books and Arts Council England join forces for the second time to give new writers the opportunity to showcase their work. decibel - an Arts Council initiative dedicated to promoting cultural diversity in the arts - and Penguin are inviting writers to submit non-fiction personal accounts of the experience of immigration to the UK for the competition. The winning authors will see their stories published in a Penguin anthology entitled Volume 2: Personal Tales of Immigration to Britain in November 2007.

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Hair – A celebration of Afro & Asian Hair in poetry, fiction and fact


From the myth of Medusa to the fraught tale of Samson and Delilah, hair has always been a key component of cultural identity. And never more so than for the Asian and Black communities of the UK. Hair is surrounded by traditions, legends, folklore, fears, myths, joys and frustrations.

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The Curry Mile – A Novel By Zahid Hussain


Suitcase Press is proud to announce the launch on 2nd November 2006 at The Royal Naz (Gogi’s) 18 Ifco Centre, Wilmslow Rd, Mancester of The Curry Mile - A Novel By Zahid Hussain.

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HAMAS – A Beginner’s Guide (Khaled Hroub)


‘This book could not be timelier. Khaled Hroub expertly answers every important question about Hamas and insightfully explains its ideology, organisation and appeal. Concise, lucid and invaluable.’ James Piscatori, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

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Barefoot Soldier – by Johnson Beharry and Nick Cook


‘I have seen this moment many times in my dreams. My thoughts slow and for a split second I see the mess we have stumbled into as if I am above the street, looking down. I cannot reverse. Whiskey Two One, hard on my tail, is already moving into the killing zone. I am leading them into a massacre’.

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Whose Story? – confounding expectations and challenging notions of identity


Ten authors. Ten chapters. One story. Imagine if your favourite author wrote a chapter of a story and anonymously submitted it for publication alongside nine other un-named writers. Would you be able to identify their writing? And would the words on the page reveal the cultural or social background, gender or race of the author?

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The African Origins of UFO’s


If you see or hear any unexplained goings on in Durham City over the next few weeks don't be alarmed, it's just the Durham Literature Festival delivering its usual brand of cutting edge entertainment.

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‘Anything is Possible’ as Charan Gill Invites Readers to ‘Tikka Look at me Now’


'Anything is Possible' as Charan Gill Invites Readers to 'Tikka Look at me Now' and Reveals Identity of Mystery Betting Partner 'Anything is possible' is the personal mantra by which Europe's Curry King Charan Gill MBE has lived all his life and the publication today (21.09.06) of his autobiography, 'Tikka Look at me Now', provides the latest proof of the truth of that belief.

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‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’ By Elizabeth Laird


A topical story of life during war time in Lebanon seen through the eyes of a child - based on the author's real life experience with a donation of 50p per copy going to Save the Children.

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London Book Fair Announces Spain as Market Focus Country for 2007


The London Book Fair is delighted to announce that Spain will be the Market Focus country for 2007, shining a spotlight for the second year on the Spanish language, the second most widely-spoken language in the world.

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