New Motivational Book by Southall Born Author!

New Motivational Book by Southall Born Author!

[LONDON 22 JANUARY] If there is one certainty in life, it is that one day we will all reach the end of our journey. But before we get there, it’s worth taking time to reflect on and question the journey so far. Has it been pretty good, just ok or regrettably woeful? Before it’s too late, take time to stop, reassess and choose the path to lead the life you want to live.

…and then you’re dead! is a profound, charming yet practical ‘personal friend’, which encourages you to achieve everything you have been meaning to do in life, but never quite found the time or courage to do so. Written by Jim Rai, a former prominent lawyer who grew up in Southall in a traditional Sikh family, the book is a life companion which is unique, inspirational and captivating. Rai’s thought-provoking words challenge the reader to contemplate the life they are leading and to change whatever they are unhappy about.

…and then you’re dead! delivers a fresh new perspective on life. The book comes with a complementary writing journal entitled …and then you’re alive!, which acts as a blank canvas for the reader to record their personal thoughts and feelings, as they create their personal journey ahead.

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