NEW Islamic Book for teenages: Zahra’s Trip to Misr By Muslim Female Writer Sufiya Ahmed

NEW Islamic Book for teenages: Zahra

NEW Islamic teenage book, third title in the series sees Zahra and her school friends go on a school trip to Egypt. They visit the land of dead Pharoahs and the Pyramids. An action packed story with Mystery and suspense! A Must read! By Muslim Female Writer Sufiyah Ahmed

The following is an extract from the chapter ‘The Runaway Camel’ where Zahra and her best friend Marya decide to take a ride on the humpy animal:

Zahra and Marya climbed on the camel together and held on tightly to the reins they were given. Marya wrinkled her nose in distaste.
‘Boy he smells bad,’ she said. ‘Why can’t they give it a bath?’

Zahra laughed. ‘Because he’s too busy carrying tourists like us over the desert who moan about how smelly he is … oh, here we go … it’s so bouncy.’

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Fantastic price of £5.99

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