Good Morning Afghanistan! – Book Deal to Tell the Truth

Waseem Mahmood OBE is known to many governments in Europe and in the Muslim world. To others he is better known as a media Robo-Cop. Now for the very first time, Mahmood will tell the truth behind his life experiences and his greatest test; helping the people of Afghanistan to re-establish their country via the media. To do this he aided the setting up of radio and TV stations across a land that had been demolished by war thereby giving the Afghans their own voice and the chance of broadcasting the truth for the first time.

Eye Books has published over 70 titles based around world history, travel, biographies and adventures. Mahmood had come across Eye Books after reading Seeking Sanctuary – the real life stories about a group of Western Muslim converts. In spite of considerable interest from some larger publishers he was persuaded by Eye’s publishing ethos to place his story with Eye Books.

Mahmood spent many years working for the BBC and was their youngest ever producer before setting up TV Asia for digital TV. More recently he has been involved in several projects advising Governments around the World on sensitive media issues. He is renowned for his ability to get people of all races and cultures to work together – a stark contrast to the work of his well known tabloid journalist brother -The Fake Sheikh.

Mahmood who is 45 yrs old says: “The ethos of Eye Books and Dan Hiscocks, the Publisher, that media should be a positive force in society epitomises the whole philosophy behind Good Morning Afghanistan. Freedom comes in many forms – the most powerful is self-expression, and through my work that is what I hope I gave to the Afghan people. The three years in Afghanistan that I spent working in Kabul remain the most professionally rewarding of my life and provide the inspiration for the story. The Afghan people and their resilience astounded me; in spite of all their suffering they always had a smile on their face. Their hospitality and generosity was a humbling experience. They, if anyone, are the real heroes and I felt that the world needed to know about their story.”

Dan Hiscocks says: “Eye Books was set up to champion people who live by their dreams and passions and Good Morning Afghanistan fits with that philosophy completely. We are thrilled that Waseem has chosen to place his trust in us for a book with massive appeal and one which other larger publishers wanted. It is indicative of his values and support for what is right that he chose to work with a company whose values reflect his own. We believe media can and should be used in a positive way of celebrating and communicating hope rather than destroying and excluding people.”

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