Eastern European Crime Fiction in English Translation

Eastern European Crime Fiction in English Translation

The forces of crime (fiction) from two countries came together for the first time to launch the Profusion Crime Series at the 31st floor of Canary Wharf. You can see a trailer of the event on http://youtu.be/lduvuLyiiVM

The best Crime Fiction from Eastern Europe is now available in selected bookstores and online on http://www.profusion.org.uk. Also available as Kindle E-Books.

Published in 2011: Attack in the Library by George Arion and Kill the General by Bogdan Hrib.

Forthcoming in 2012: Anatomical Clues by Oana Stoica-Mujea, and the true crime story of Rimaru – Butcher of Bucharest, by Mike Phillips and Stejarel Olaru.

These books are different. They are thrilling, and they also illuminate the reality of a secret Romania, once behind the Iron Curtain, now a vital European partner. Behind the tumult of the new, lies a past of intrigue, terror and pitch black comedy. The Profusion Crime Series blazes a trail through this hidden history.

The English versions of these books, crafted by a British-Romanian team, were edited by author Mike Phillips.

While making an excellent read in English, the texts retain the local Romanian flavour, the stories and characters being presented in a fashion as close to the original intention of the authors as possible.

For more trailers and presentations of the books go to http://www.vimeo.com/ProfusionBooks

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