Afrikan Yoga A Practical Guide To Wellbeing Through Smai Posture, Breath and Meditation

Afrikan Yoga A Practical Guide To Wellbeing Through Smai Posture, Breath and Meditation

"A book that uncovers the secrets of yoga from Africa"


Trade paperback 168 pages
ISBN 978-1-906169-40-4
Publishers TamaRe House
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Afrikan Yoga’ is a unique introduction to the ancient Egyptian yogic system of Tama-re Smai. For the first time, readers will be able to learn about the origins and general background of the form, alongside an instructive workbook which gives readers a step-by-step guide to the exercises and their benefits.

For thousands of years Afrikan Yogic Masters have taught the secrets contained in this book to only a select number of students in esoteric circles. These movements, techniques and principles work to align the mental, spiritual and physical energies. Practitioners of Afrikan Yoga will be enabled to transform their energy, invigorating the entire nervous system, strengthening the body and rejuvenating general health.

Pablo Menfesawe-Imani, author and teacher of Afrikan Yoga says: “I’m taken back at the response to this book has many have felt that it has been long awaited. What has been usually said is ‘finally an African Diasporic voice from the UK on the practices of yoga from an African perspective’. This book will answer many question on the Africans concept of yoga and probably raise a few questions too this is the way a book should be; informative and inspirational”.

The book teaches:
The Afrikan practices of spiritual alchemy
Psychological and spiritual health
The understanding of the number nine related to your health
Hekau Afrikan Mantras that transforms the body, spirit and mind
The understanding and balancing of the Afrikan seats of light 9 chakras
How to develop increased mobility, internal strength, libido and clarity using the ancient practices of Smai Afrikan Yoga

About The Author
Pablo Menfesawe-Imani is a Yoga teacher, holistic health and wellbeing consultant and artist who also practices massage therapy and Kinesiology. He is the co-founder of the Nubeing Health Foundation, which works to promote social change through healthy living, the founder of Black Angels Art Consultants and Afrikan Yoga with established classes in the UK and West Africa. He is a member of the British School of Yoga, the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers, the Independent Yoga Network and the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priest, Priestesses, Healers and Religion Inc. He is the Co-founder of Nubeing Health Foundation. The founder of Black Angels Arts Consultants and The founder of Afrikan Yoga established in the UK and Ghana West Africa.

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