New Motivational Book by Southall Born Author!


[LONDON 22 JANUARY] If there is one certainty in life, it is that one day we will all reach the end of our journey. But before we get there, it’s worth taking time to reflect on and question the journey so far. Has it been pretty good, just ok or regrettably woeful? Before it’s too late, take time to stop, reassess and choose the path to lead the life you want to live.

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PRESS RELEASE: German-Born Nigerian writes a recession-busting book for every household: 10 steps to Managing your household budget


In a time of austerity cuts and economic uncertainty across the world, Tokie Laotan-Brown’s guide to managing a household budget is a must have book for families and individuals who are keen to make their money go further.

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Profusion Crime Series: Noir from Eastern Europe


Profusion brings you an extraordinary trio of novels from Romanian authors in English translation, plus an amazing non-fiction book which is a social review of Romania in the ‘70s, with a serial killer’s story as a central focus.

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Orphan of Islam


Alexander Khan is a British born Muslim of Pakistani descent, whom was raised in a tough, working-class Northern ‘Mill Town’ in the 1980s. During his childhood he endured racism and cultural ostracization from all sides, for Alexander was neither white nor Asian, but half-caste. Alexander’s father had briefly married a local white woman against the wishes of his strictly religious family, and the result of that fraught union - Alexander - was viewed with open shame and horror from all sides.

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Brutal is a tale of innocence lost and a life shattered, but above all it is a tale of survival, of a young girl who found love and hope in the darkest of places.

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