Zhang Bin – Project Space pop up artist-in-residence

Zhang Bin - Project Space pop up artist-in-residence



Bin Zhang’s (born in 1981, China) recent work involves radically rethinking of the possibilities to transform non-visual rhythm into visual formats. From large-scale installations that explode from gallery walls to intricate, miniature non-visual worlds, he is passionate about using visual installations to present the non-visual natural phenomenon.

For Bin Zhang non-visual rhythm exists in numerous aspects of our life, and plays an important role in our day-to-day. ‘It is in everywhere of every second of our lives’.

Bin Zhang will be in Chinese Arts Centre’s street facing project space for just under two weeks as a ‘pop up artist-in-residence’ to developing this on-going project further. So whether you want to take a peak from the high street or come right in and ask the artist questions about his explorations of Rhythmic connections, you can interact and engage with this work in progress and see an artist creating live throughout the two week period!

Region: All
Venue: Chinese Art Centre
Venue Address: Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester
Website: http://www.chinese-arts-centre.org/whats-on/residencies_test/zhang-bin/
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Name: Jon Astbury
Phone: 01618327271