Zecora Ura Theatre present THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

Zecora Ura Theatre present THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

A Latin-flavoured physical theatre adaptation of Shakespeare¹s classic.

Zecora Ura¹s The Tempest mixes the surreal with slapstick; flippers with feathers; tricycles with oranges; and engages the audience in an energetic and humorous vision of Prospero¹s island as inhabited by samba-dancing, cross-dressing acrobatic inhabitants speaking ‘island pidgin¹(comprising mainly of English, Spanish and Portuguese), a fast-paced and physical adaptation of Shakespeare’s last play made understandable to all through physicality.
Unexpectedly, it is a comedy.

It is very accessible to audiences new to physical theatre, although it still delights in a spot or two of surrealism.

ZECORA URA’s ‘The Tempest’ was originally conceived during the company’s stay in Brazil in 2004. It is the expression of the company’s desire to investigate the metamorphosis of a quintessentially British text amid vibrant Afro-Brazilian surroundings, which has been further refined and was presented in London in spring 06 to both critical and audience acclaim.

ZECORA URA have put Shakespeare through a surreal imaginative mangle, complete with flippers, magic oranges, and wind-up metal frogs, and emerged with a strangely compelling piece of multi-lingual theatre …the central characterisation is brilliantly and hilariously done, and it¹s ultimately impossible to remain impervious to the charms of the indefatigable theatrical spirit on display here.
* * * * TIME OUT Magazine, 2006

Region: All
Venue: Oval House Theatre
Venue Address: 52-54 Kennington Oval, London
Website: http://www.ovalhouse.com
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