You’re Beautiful, Woman supports Beauty with principles at Miss Somali UK


You’re Beautiful, Woman – the brand behind the successful annual event is proud to announce that it is sponsoring and supporting Miss Somali UK.

With other keen supporters such as Kanya King of the MOBOs we are proud to be affiliated with an event that is not just another beauty pageant but which strives to break barriers.

The Official Miss Somali UK was founded to promote a positive image of the Somali community by creating awareness of the social and cultural aspects of the country as well as the unique beauty of the Somali people. Bringing together a dynamic fusion of fashion, dance and music, The Official Miss Somali UK will celebrate the richness of this East African Gem and capture the essence of the Somali culture and tradition throughout this event. Birthed with one thing in mind the team are working hard to promote and develop various traditional engagements, social and educational events and to reflect a blend of the Somali lifestyle with that of the United Kingdom.
The event will be focusing on Somali women with “class, poise and real beauty” bringing intelligence, ambition, compassion, and elegance to represent the community. Many are misrepresented and the assumption is made that all are asylum seekers, are involved in crime gangs or are uneducated and unskilled. With the intentions of changing these assumptions, this event will be the focal point of Somali achievements and encouraging the Somali community to aspire and develop their strengths.

The Miss Somali UK is more than just about beautiful young women competing for a title but an event to embrace the community; the idea is get the talented role models of today to support in creating the talented and positive role models of tomorrow. Beauty alone will NOT determine the winner of The Official Miss Somali UK beauty pageant, other attributes such as intelligence, ambition, compassion and the overall way a contestant carries herself whilst representing the Somali community will be taken into account by the judges. A benchmark connotation of acknowledged beauty pageants is the exploitation of females in bikinis as a criterion on which they are judged. We are planning a lavish parade of the national costumes, grace and elegance of the Dirac competition. We wish to pursue a different approach to the conventional evening gown too however this diversity will not be revealed until the night.

The event takes place in Hammersmith on the 23rd October 2009 from 6pm.

Region: All
Venue: Hammersmith
Celebs Attending: Kanya King
Press Tickets: Not Available
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Press Tickets:
Phone: +44 7949626365