Young Desi Look for Love & Lust with Social Dating

Young Desi Look for Love & Lust with Social Dating

As social networking continues to thrive in mainstream culture, a British-Asian Entrepreneur launches a new online community next month, aimed at the Desi culture, employing the technology principle of sites like Facebook and, but with a focus on real life social interaction across the world

33yr old Sonny Kumar has been working on the development of, the first site dedicated to bringing the global Desi community together for friendship, dating, love or networking, for the last year. As it prepares to go live next month, encouraging people to meet, chat and play cupid, online, it already has over 1000 pre-registered members from 15 different countries, ranging from residents in Bombay to Birmingham, from Chenai to Capetown.

The website, established to connect people within the same culture, who would perhaps never otherwise meet, is focused on building a network via introductions, from friends, family and extended networks, to build relationships around the world., unique in its marketplace, encourages friends to introduce, and vouch for each other, in a bid to connect people that are genuinely suited.

Sonny explains: “ has been established to bring together people from the ‘Desi community, of which there are over 50 million globally. This is taking what normally happens within the South Asian community and putting it online as it’s so natural for South Asian’s to behave as social butterflies as it’s been going on for 1000 years”. Have you ever noticed that we almost always meet new people through the friends we already have? That’s because our friends understand us best, love us most and know the type of person that we get along with and build trusting relationships with and now provides an opportunity for our friends to ‘matchmake’ us with a much wider group of people, be it for friendship, romance, or business networking”.

The website’s tools include video chat, matchmaking leagues, and automatch, to name just a few, enabling members to be introduced to people many degrees of separation away.

Sonny further explains:” On you’re much more likely to hear back from people you meet because most will have come through a mutual friend. We’re all more likely to talk to someone that a friend suggests as opposed to a complete stranger aren’t we? Of course if you are interested in spreading your net a bit wider and want to approach someone you have no connection with, ask their friends a question, or read their friends reviews, and this way you can still get a good honest picture of that member”. This means less time wasted on tenuous relationships, more people to discover, and more opportunities for fun.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not single; simply have fun introducing your wonderful friends to others for many different networking opportunities.

“In the Desi world, introductions always happen within a social setting. Whether you meet through friends at a dinner party, connect through a colleague, or meet at a wedding most social interaction tells you what a person is really like before you spend any face time with that person. Do You Desi? builds on Desi community values to bring people together online in a safe, fun environment that mirrors real world meetings.”

To celebrate the launch of memberships to the site are freely available for the first 1000 members.

Simply register at and you will be kept up to date with all the latest news.


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