Ynotplast founder to speak at A taste of Africa in London

Ynotplast founder to speak at A taste of Africa in London

Sean Ndiho Obedih,Founder of multi-ethnic plasters company YnotPlast, will be speaking at the A taste of Africa in London opening event in May.

Ndiho has dedicated himself to the product over the past two years and has made many sacrifices along the way. He puts his success down to “pride, passion and sheer persistence”, along with a lot of hard work. Why is YnotPlast necessary in the UK market? Put simply to reflect the diversity of the Great British nation. He is keen to share his successes at this years’s A taste of Africa event.

The idea of Taste Of Africa In London Weekend (TAFLon Weekend) is to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs living in London to interact informally over a weekend of Afro-centric activities in London ranging from the Performing Arts, Entertainment, Discussion and Food of African taste pivoting around a particular event of the weekend.

The events will be either self catering (i.e. participants will be responsible for booking their tickets / pay related bills themselves) or a packaged (i.e. participants pay a fixed amount to the organising team to cover the costs of activities organised)

Participants can “Hop on and off” the organised activities i.e. they may join any or all of the planned activities in the itinerary as they please.
The planning and organising of these weekend events will be done collaboratively by a core informal group of professionals and entrepreneurs of African heritage living in London representing their various niche of Afro-centric causes and ventures.
The events will be very informal and aims are to:

•Facilitate dialogue between professionals of African Heritage in London and their colleagues
•Promote and advocating the Africa culture in London
•Create better understanding of the Professional African in London outside work environment
•Provide pointers of Afro-centric events in London and giving a guided tour as well as
•Create new audience for Afro-centric events through networks of the collaborators.
The first of such events to be conducted 29 – 31 May 2009 with the Key / Pivotal event being the Ìyà-Ilé play at the Soho Theatre.

Region: All
Venue: UnLtd
Venue Address: 123 Whitcross St
Website: http://www.chitchatafrica.com/taflon
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Ronke Lawal