(Wo)Men & Me – A dance about Masculinity, Femininity & The Male Body

(Wo)Men & Me - A dance about Masculinity, Femininity & The Male Body

Performance Artist Tonny A’s dance exploration of the Male Body & its (im-)perfection continues with 2 new pieces unveiled at Blue Elephant Theatre next month

‘Growing up in 70’s Paris, a black boy born with no forearms (Thalidomide) and unsure of my sexuality, I was totally aware of difference. Constant external comments and internal feelings, most of the memory of this experience was lost through repression. It was Hell.’

Given this lost boyhood it is not surprising that the grown up Director/Dancer, Performer Tonny A should be producing this new double bill which look at defining and redefining masculinity, his previous work having already included examining constructs of the perfect male body.

In AR-men, Director Tonny A as Mad Scientist attempts to create a new race beyond existing definitions. Contemporary dancers Jean Magnard and Nicholas Smith, two similarly built young men, merge their very distinct moves to give birth to a creation which emerges being neither a clone of either nor a combination of the two, but a previously unknown creature.
As these two ‘lab-rats’ scatter their seed, like Hansel and Gretel, trying to escape the genetically-modified maze, The Mad Scientist rubs his hands in glee.

Women in Me is Tonny A’s attempt to understand how he can access the feminine within himself through dances lead by female singers’ voices. Allowing his body to be danced by their voices rather than moving in choreographic ways along these women’s songs, Tonny A undergoes a series of transformations as his personality fluctuates amid internal feelings of anger, sensuality and compassion found in the aggressive, seductive and introspective rhythms of the singers’ music.

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Region: All
Start Date: 07/06/2011
End Date: 11/06/2011
Start Time: 20:00
Venue: Blue Elephant Theatre
Venue Address: 59a Betwhin Road, Camberwell, London
Website: http://sweetsorsour.wordpress.com
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
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Name: Jasmine Cullingford
Phone: 020 7701 0100