TYPHOON LIVE – 9th – 13th October 7.45pm

TYPHOON LIVE - 9th - 13th October 7.45pm

European premiere of a double-bill of two short plays about falling in love by two of East Asia’s most exciting playwrights, presented by the UK’s flagship, award-winning East Asian theatre company.

Getting Married by Yi Kang-baek. Directed by Phillippe Cherbonnier.

Dogs by Elangovan. Directed by Kwong Loke

Both productions designed by Yoon Bae, Cast – Andy Cheung, Jaime Zubairi, Liz Sutherland

PRESS NIGHT: 9th October 7.45pm (Drinks served from 7pm)

Getting Married is a light-hearted one-act play exploring the sweet and touching absurdity of the beginning of a love affair. A young man, a swindler by trade, borrows a grand house for the weekend and a suit for the day, to impress a charming and innocent young woman. As their courtship unfolds, the house’s stern and silent butler starts to reclaim the possessions the young man claims as his own, and we are left to enjoy a contest between love and dishonesty.

In direct contrast, Dogs is a savage but funny play from Singapore, which tells the tale of what happens when a woman prefers her dog to her loser of a husband. This rollercoaster of resentment, disappointments and hatred is full of foul-mouthed humour, but has a dark and disturbing ending which leaves the audience breathless and stunned.

This double-bill presents the British premieres of two plays by prominent writers from East Asia. It is a chance to hear the dramatic voices from Korea and Singapore, and to take a look at these cultures through these two strong and accessible pieces. The plays complement each other in their approach to loving relationships, depicting on the one hand the sweet and touching absurdity of the beginning of a love affair, and on the other the spiky and vitriolic results of the death of romance.

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