The Royal Opera House creates a voice for Africa

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Royal Opera House-initiated Creative Voices project, 500 South African primary school children will perform in a unique festival of original operas at the National School of the Arts, Braamfontein, SA. The ten new works have all been written, composed, choreographed and designed by primary school children in Johannesburg and surrounding townships including Soweto whose teachers attended Creative Voices workshops developed by the Royal Opera House.

Venue: The National School of the Arts, Main Hall, 17 Hoofd Street, Braamfontein.

The performances will take place in the presence of the British High Commissioner The Rt Hon Paul Boateng and Paul Reeve, Director of Education, ROH who will give a speech, and Darryl Jaffray, former Director of Education, ROH, and founder of Creative Voices in South Africa.

Inspired by a successful Royal Opera House Education programme called ‘Write an Opera’ Creative Voices has, over the past five years, provided 480 teachers with the skills, training and support required for their classes to create entirely original pieces of musical theatre. Creative Voices enables teachers to carry out quality arts education incorporating music, dance, drama and design through residential workshops and an in-school mentoring programme.

Creative Voices has been generously funded by the Donald Gordon Foundation with almost 42,000 South African children having taken part in the project. Through the scheme, many children have become inspired to think about acting, design, dancing or following music, learning the skills and gaining the experience to help them develop in their chosen field. The scheme also plays a vital part in nurturing a theatre literate audience for the future.

Region: All
Start Date: 04/11/2006
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Start Time: 10:30
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Name: Sara Parsons