The Hungama Festival to roll into Strathclyde Country Park on the 3rd of July 2011

The Hungama Festival to roll into Strathclyde Country Park on the 3rd of July 2011

The Hungama Festival (1), on the 3rd of July 2011 celebrates the fusion of Scottish and Asian culture and as such there will be a multitude of attractions, entertainment and stalls to entice and excite all those who attend. This free event will take place within the grounds of Strathclyde Country Park and will begin at 1pm and end at 8pm.

Title sponsors, Lycamobile (2) will this year present the event and as with the past three years, promise to make this occasion bigger and better than the last. The Hungama Festival has grown significantly since its creation in 2009 and has become a key date in the Scottish summer entertainment calendar. Lycamobile revealed: “The Hungama Festival presents a kaleidoscope of multicultural influences with enticing colours, sounds and tastes to tantalise the senses and excite all those in attendance. The event gets bigger and better year on year and it is expected that over 5000 people will walk through the park gates on the day. We at Lycamobile are excited to present this year’s Hungama Festival as we understand the importance of staying in touch and connecting with people and this event offers the opportunity for friends and family to meet up and experience a thrilling day out!”

The event will also play host to a selection of exciting and eclectic performers in music and dance. Moreover, the stage will showcase the best in young, aspiring talent in Scotland hoping to make their own mark on the industry. Lined up as the headline act is London-based British-Indian vocalist Juggy D (3).

Juggy D is touted as one of the most prominent vocalists in the Asian music scene and has built a legion of fans as a result of touring the world for the past five years. He has built a collection of Awards and accolades, including winning ‘Best Act’ at the UK Asian Music Awards in 2006.

The event will also cater to lots of different tastes and there will be an abundance of stalls to satisfy eager shoppers and also appease the appetite of all those in attendance. Throughout the park, there will be a host of booths selling secret trinkets, hidden gems and also selling authentic and traditional Asian clothing and jewellery. Moreover, the event celebrates different culinary tastes and there will be a selection of only the best in Asian cuisine offering a multitude of dishes and snacks to satisfy the cravings of all attendees.

The event will also present an opportunity to raise funds for charity partner The Well Foundation. The Well Foundation was established in 2008 with the primary objective to provide safe drinking water to some of the 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean water (4). The Hungama Festival offers the perfect opportunity to help others and assist The Well Foundation in reaching their targets and the new goals that they have set themselves for the coming years. Fahim Baqir, of the Well Foundation said: “The Well Foundation was established to provide safe water to those in the developing world who do not have such a basic luxury. The Hungama Festival is an opportunity for us to increase awareness of what it is we are trying to achieve and hopefully raise the necessary funds to continue to support those people in areas of the world where water is not viewed as simply a fundamental necessity but a precious luxury that can be a daily struggle for one to obtain”.

Moreover, Yeshpal Sharma, Vice President for Star UK & Europe, the media partner for the Hungama Festival said: “Given the huge appeal of the Star brand across the UK, we have decided to engage with our loyal audience base in Scotland through the Hungama Festival. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to a continued association.”

M&D’s is touted as Scotland’s only theme park and Oceanic Consulting, the event organisers believe Strathclyde Country Park is an ideal location for the Hungama Festival as it presents the perfect family day out location. The site will suit lots of different people, such as those who will enjoy the adrenaline rush of the rides and thrilling entertainment and those who will want to simply kick back and relax surrounded by the lush countryside and also soak in the sights, colours and sounds of the festival.

Amit Arora, Business Development Director at Oceanic Consulting said, “Scotland may not always be known for its exceptional summer weather, however we can rest assure that come rain or shine, the Scottish people will be out in force to celebrate the fusion of Scottish and Asian culture that this event recognises. It also presents the chance to acknowledge and appreciate both cultures similarities and what makes each unique in their own way. The Scottish weather may only slowly be improving, however the forecast for Hungama looks set to be a scorcher on the third of July with this year’s festival promising to be the best yet”.


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Start Date: 03/07/2011
End Date: 03/07/2011
Start Time: 1300 to 2000
Venue: Strathclyde Country Park
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